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My c/s is tomorrow and I'm sooooopo nervous!!!

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KnockedUpMell Thu 18-Oct-12 10:41:55

I'm not even sure why I'm nervous- its my second c/s, but the first was an emergency and I was too exhausted to be nervous about it! I hated the feeling of being unable to move and the strange sensation of tugging and pulling while I couldn't move. Frankly it was the worst experience of my life.

My DS is only 19m, has a cold and is such a mummys boy at the moment, I feel awful for leaving him... I'm nervous about how he's goi got react to dd- he's very possessive at the movement, and gets upset if I cuddle the bloody cat, much less another baby!

DS is down to waking up twice in the night, and I'm wondering how I'm going to cope with a newborn waking and DS waking too.... And I'm just starting to recall how agonising bf was. DS only self weaned a few months ago, and I'm worried that he'll want to bf as well when he sees dd bf...

I hate being pregnant and have terrible spd, and can't wait for the pgto be over, but now that there's only 24h to go, I'm stressing it, and I don't even know why!?!

piggyboo Thu 18-Oct-12 15:10:12

try not to worry as anxiety will only make things worse. I had a c-section 12 days ago and it was a really positive experience compared to my previous 'natural' birth which was truly traumatising. Everyone was really calm and explained what was going to happen. DS was born within 5 mins of them starting the op, bit of tugging and pulling (as he was bum first and hard to grab hold of) but not painful. Also BF has been soo easy this time compared to dd, ds just seems to know what to do so no shredded nipples and apart from the initial 10 seconds after latching its pain free. My dd s a bit older than your first but has asked for a dummy since seeing ds with one, i have just explained that its just for babies and that she is a big girl and that has been enough.

Good luck for tomorrow x

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