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anyone been booked in for ELC but gone into labour and had to have baby that way?

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elizaregina Mon 24-Sep-12 10:03:29

hi just as above really, was wondering if for various reasons you had been granted an ELC but then gone into labour and they hadnt been able to either operate in time, or fit you in etc....many thanks!

mrsmoodypants Mon 24-Sep-12 10:08:26

I've gone into labour twice before elc dates. Had the section both times. I think you'd have to be incredibly quick in labour or progress too far too soon for it to be an issue. I always made sure that any pains were checked out as I didn't want to get too far along. One of mine came early...

As your consultant or midwife for reassurance..

sparklekitty Mon 24-Sep-12 11:18:45

My mum did with my brother (it was 28 years ago) but she was still given a c section.

wheresmespecs Mon 24-Sep-12 13:57:45

My waters broke over a week before my elcs date, but they just told me to come in and fitted me in when they got a gap in theatre. It was a bit of a wait but quite chilled - apparently traces showed I was contracting but I couldn't feel a thing, so I guess it was all going pretty slowly.

It is something I would recommend discussing with your consultant and having recorded in your notes (what happens if things kick off before your elcs date). I was lucky enough to have a great MW who really understood how important my elcs was to me, and warned me that if I went into labour, I might get mws deciding they knew best hmm on the day, despite what a two consultants and a perinatal psychiastrist had said, and who might try and pressure me into having a vaginal birth.

In particular she warned me about delaying tactics - I was to ignore anyone telling me to stay at home until contractions got stronger, or have a bath etc. The sooner you are in hospital, the easier it is to get in the queue for theatre.

I don't want to be alarmist, but there was a poster (was it pinkflipflop?) who had an elcs agreed, and it was her first.... when she went into labour, her hcp at the hospital argued with her about having a cs (this was all after it was agreed by another consultant) - gave her an epidural and basically left her until it was very late and then said she had to have an instrumental vaginal birth, not a cs.

I hope that's a one off story - but still, it happened, and I think you should raise this scenario with your mw and ask what steps can be taken to prevent that happening. Whether it is very stern notes or a 24 hour mobile number for someone who was involved in granting your CS!

QTPie Mon 24-Sep-12 14:13:37


My friend did. She had an EMCS with DC1, then was booked in for an ELCS with DC2 (both babies with large heads, chance second one could get stuck like first, risk of having to have second EMCS, she decided that she was happiest to hav an ELCS).

So, unlike with DC1, she didn't prepare for a natural birth at all: no hypnobirthing, no prenatal yoga, no breathing/relaxation exercises etc etc.

She went into proper labour early at 36 weeks (had been a little overdue with DC1), went into hospital and was told " especially since baby was early, it would be a LOT better for both of you if you had a VB". So, much to her shock and frustration she had her big headed baby by VB (having been completely unprepared). She is very pragmatic about it, but says that her never regions will never be he same again.... Won't have any more children, but DC2 was born when she was 42 - so she didn't want any more anyway.

I am trying to conceive DC2 now (DS born by ELCS for breech). If I do conceive, then I will definitely talk about it to my consultant: I want an ELCS and really don't want to be forced down another road unwillingly and probably unnecessarily.


elizaregina Mon 24-Sep-12 14:22:20


The consultant MW was quite mad really, I was supposed to meeting with her to discuss an early epidural, instead we spent over an hour going round in circles with her trying to get me into birth pool. MLU...etc....

She did keep saying " technically looking at your last birth i would say this would be three hours and no complications etc"

I know technically there is good precedence - she wasnt looking at me - or perhaps she mentally wasnt able to look at me holistically!

I was there because of other traumas last time, including too much pain and now i know back to back!

I asked her to write early epidural in my notes - but she didnt seem bothered about writing in my hand held notes so I will be interestred to see what she wrote in my hospital notes when I meet consultant again on Thursday.

The mw and consultant both said there is little they can do if i go into labour before my due date - there was abstoluty no reassurance at all because of course,

if i am going to be three hours in labour - and there is a queue could they fit me in?

the only slightly reassuring thing from MW was that I can come in and wait in new waiting room area - if i do go into labour etc...but not moving quickly.

that is what i would plan to do at the sign of anything....and hope they do a section should they be able to fit me in.

The reason I am asking this is because of that one poster horror story of where it was all aggreed and she was forced on the day to go through with it - beyond disgusting.

elizaregina Mon 24-Sep-12 14:24:29

"In particular she warned me about delaying tactics - I was to ignore anyone telling me to stay at home until contractions got stronger, or have a bath etc. The sooner you are in hospital, the easier it is to get in the queue for theatre."

This is what i found disengenious about this MW, you would thikn she would be saying ...come in as soon as you feel a twinge etc...instead she was trotting out all the usual stay at home business....

oscarwilde Mon 24-Sep-12 18:03:30

Hmm - quite concerning. I thought they were supposed to start monitoring pretty early on in case of rupture ? How is that supposed to happen if you are at home in the bath with two paracetamol. Note to self - get bolshy.

harrygracejessica Tue 25-Sep-12 03:43:24

The last 2 pregnancies for me were twins (first was a singleton) and both times I've gone into prem labour - the last time I was labouring rather quickly and they just slotted me in before an elective one and even had to deliver twin 1 backwards as he was so far down the birth canel (he obviously decided that was the exit and no other way!!)

QTPie Tue 25-Sep-12 08:10:14

If they "want" to, they can schedule/do a CS VERY quickly...

elizaregina Tue 25-Sep-12 09:22:29

"If they "want" to, they can schedule/do a CS VERY quickly... "

Oh yes i can imagine....

Having met this consultnt MW though I realise they simply have thier own agenda - they cant see a woman as a whole - just a fanny and a pair of hips and it doesnt matter i have a letter saying - this woman MUST have support to birth how she chooses - as far as she was concenred - i was a perfect birth pool candiate!

Theas18 Tue 25-Sep-12 10:35:46


38 weeks " breech" booked for section. Rapid labour, arrived saying " its breech I need a section" over and over ...

Reply was " it's a head and you're 10cm so you can push if you are ready!

She shot out LOL

SoozleQ Tue 25-Sep-12 12:58:21

Huh, exact opposite for me. Booked in for CS due to breech. Sent home because they'd cocked up their admin. Went straight into labour, returned to hospital - I kept telling them she was breech and I was supposed to have a section and they ignored me until they finally realised I was fully dilated and her leg and hand were presenting. Thanks for that.

elizaregina Tue 25-Sep-12 18:52:46

oh my goodness - if they are ignorin breach what hope for the rest ...

SoozleQ Tue 25-Sep-12 20:08:40

I know. Is it any wonder i've booked a home birth for this one.

PoppyAmex Tue 25-Sep-12 20:13:03

I was booked for an ELC (polyhydramnios + GD + huge baby) and my Consultant and the MW both told me that if I went into labour I would still get my section regardless (with the obvious caveats: if I could make it to the hospital etc.)

HappyHugs Tue 25-Sep-12 22:33:30

Me too, emcs with number 1, elcs number 2 and rapid 37 week vaginal delivery for my number 3 planned elcs, made it to theatre but baby couldn't wait...

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