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What does a hindwaters leak feel like?

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icravecheese Wed 28-Sep-11 17:03:12

Hi Ladies,

Sorry in advance - possibly a TMI thread! I have also posted this on pregnancy forum, but not much response so thought I might have more luck here.....

I just wondered whether there is anyone out there who has experienced loss of hind waters in pregnancy & could advise me? I only ask because I am just over 37wks & I wear a sanitary towel every day now due to what I thought was just stress incontinence (3rd baby, poor pelvic floor etc!).

However, I have read other threads about the 'smell' of amniotic fluid & how it is quite sweet / distinct compared to plain old urine. Sorry for the TMI but I sometimes wonder whether I have a hind water leak going on because the pad doesnt always smell of urine....more a much sweeter smell.

Is hind waters leaking a danger or can it happen weeks before baby is due with no ill effects? I know full waters breaking can lead to infection within 48hrs...but I'm pretty sure friends have told me about losing hind waters & nothing happening for several weeks after so presumably no / lower risk of infection? Its defo not full waters breaking - I know that feeling all too well from past experience!

I have a c-section booked for 9 days time & have midwife appt in just under a wk, not sure if I need to raise this sooner with health professionals....anyone got any experience of hind waters going??

xkatyx Wed 28-Sep-11 17:08:31

Hi with my 3rd pregnancy my hinde waters trickled every now and then o was told nothing at all was leakin but I knew it was. Thankfully I put my foot down because I got a infection and so did baby.

If I where u go with your gut instincs

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