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sallylou222 Tue 20-Sep-11 00:33:29


Does anyone have any experience of going for VBAC with combo of SPD? Or worse, all of the above plus a persistently back-to-back positioned baby?

I am 36+4 and beginning to depress myself with lack of birth options open to me because of VBAC concerns, inability to seriously consider majority of labour positions because I'm so immobile and in persistent pain, and ponderous that natural delivery will happen at all because of OP presentation and previous history.

Every hospital visit throws up something anew at this point, such that I am considering demanding ELCS to alleviate further anxiety, save pending agony and potential normal delivery failure. Oh, and I'm Strep B positive so I'll be hooked up to drip from the get-go. Joy.

Currently a negative outlook on it all. Any similar but ultimately positive outcome anecdotes appreciated.

idlevice Tue 20-Sep-11 12:58:36

I had a VB with my first DC with some difficulties, but not that similar to yours. He was posterior & I found I couldn't move cos it was too painful so was stuck on the bed on my back. I was exhausted after 48hrs stop-start labour, no sleep, no food & eventually augmented with the syntocinon drip & no pain relief so it was extremely painful, but I did manage to get him out through brute force somehow, so it is possible! (& I was very unfit & an older mother to start with) I was very pleased to have had the experience of VB even though it was non-ideal in many ways.

However I must admit I would not try again with a posterior baby given what I have picked up since! Presumably there is an option of giving it a try & reverting to CS? I don't think you will find a magic answer as to what you should do, but if you have gone through every possible option & feel adequately informed then you should feel satisfied you explored every angle & that what you decide is the best based on the info you had. Good luck!

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