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anyone had 3rd child after first birth bad tear and 2nd elcs?

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yummytummy Tue 13-Sep-11 14:21:29

hiya, just wondered if anyone had any experience? had a nasty tear with ds and was advised on elcs with dd. this went really well and recovery etc so so much better 2nd time around.

the trouble is. dd now 5 months and am getting really broody again! if i was to have a 3rd am not sure what best would be? am presuming would need elcs again? or is there anyone who has had a vbac after similar experience?

just dont know if i could cope with another natural birth going badly wrong again but i know it doesnt always turn out that way.

all hypothetical at the moment but would be really interested to know what other people have thought/done.


Boosaphena Tue 13-Sep-11 16:29:58

not quite the same but i've had 2 x v nasty 3rd degree tears and have an elcs in 2 wks with no 3. I would have thought an elcs would be the best route for you tho especially as you recovered well last time?

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