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My cs wound isn't healing properly. Has anybody else had problems?

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ShowOfHands Thu 08-Sep-11 15:43:14

It's only day 5 but they were supposed to take the prolene out today. They decided against it as the right side is still open and weeping. It doesn't look infected and isn't painful/smelly and I have no temp but they've swabbed to be on the safe side.

It seems to try and knit together overnight but when I move in the morning, I can feel it opening again. It stings for a couple of seconds each time I move in the morning. I'm having daily heparin injections and the mw did mention that the wound could be open a bit as there's a bruise above it and it could be draining through it.

When I had dd the wound healed up really quickly and without problems. This time it looks oozy and horrible.

Any chance it's going to be alright. I did search the archives and have read that it can go on for months.

I admit I've probably done far too much this week. I have a 4yo to look after too and she is starting school tomorrow. I have to do the school run (bus journey and half a mile walk) twice a day.

I feel like I'm going to have a weeping hole in my stomach for the forseeable future.

ShowOfHands Thu 08-Sep-11 16:12:18


Madlizzy Thu 08-Sep-11 16:14:03

Just take things as easy as you physically can do. Also, if you smoke, that will delay healing. Try and get someone to do the school run for you for now so you get the chance to heal.

ShowOfHands Thu 08-Sep-11 16:15:57

I'm just so worried that it's not healing like last time and concerned it's not going to heal properly. I keep thinking that they'll take the stitch out and it'll just open up completely.

I don't smoke. smile

Madlizzy Thu 08-Sep-11 16:18:41

Good that you don't. grin You are doing too much though and could risk getting poorly. Does sound like the medical team are on the ball for you.

seasickgal Thu 08-Sep-11 16:20:05

You need to rest more. There are other layers of stiches underneath the skin sutures, that hold all the impotant 'stuff'. It is not uncommon to have problems with the skin healing.Clean it scupulouly, dry with a hairdryer, put a swab over it and rest.

sunchild77 Thu 08-Sep-11 16:25:30

You NEED to rest more. I really mean it! (In the nicest possible way). If you don't have an infection now you will get one very quickly. Don't you have any help at home? You are only Day 5 after emcs fgs!

A friend of mine really recommends High Grade Manuka honey for wound healing. I can't advise on that though.

faverolles Thu 08-Sep-11 16:33:23

Agree that you need to rest. Can someone else do the school run for the next couple of weeks? Or take a taxi?
At 5 days realistically the most you should be doing is looking after your baby and making an occasional cup of tea. smile

ShowOfHands Thu 08-Sep-11 16:36:12

DH is here and doing everything atm. I only did as much as I felt up to. It was only on the night I came home that I felt the stinging pain and it started to open up. I wasn't ignoring pain or running marathons. Just playing with dd/making sandwiches etc and resting when I felt I needed to. With dd I had no problems at all and got back to normal quickly. I assumed listening to my body worked last time and now it's opening up and stinging I'm doing nothing but I didn't push it in terms of what I felt capable of.

But dh goes back to work on Monday and dd has to go to school. I have to take her, there is nobody else.

I don't have swabs. Do you buy them? Can it still heal 'normally' if it's weeping on day 5 or is this going to take ages?

faverolles Thu 08-Sep-11 16:44:51

DH's cousin had a cs with her 2nd. When the MW removed the stitch, it opened up again. She had to be readmitted to have it restitched.
The problem (apparently) was that early on the stitches had stretched and the skin wasn't meeting tightly enough to heal. There was also a query about a hidden infection that was possibly causing problems without showing any symptoms.
She was restitched and given antibiotics and healed perfectly.
When are you seeing the MW again?

faverolles Thu 08-Sep-11 16:48:23

Not that that's going to happen! (sorry, bit of a dramatic post there!)

I would ring your MW and either have a chat on the phone or ask her to come and have a look. She will have seen this before and will be able to give you practical suggestions and put your mind at rest.

ShowOfHands Thu 08-Sep-11 16:52:15

MW left an hour ago. Checked it, said she wasn't happy taking out the stitch and just swabbed it. Said to do nothing to it and she'd come back tomorrow.

seasickgal Thu 08-Sep-11 17:01:30

MW can give you gauze swabs. I'm assuming there is a fold, but maybe you are slim(unlike me)

happywheezer Thu 08-Sep-11 17:13:28

I had a bit like yours after my 2nd CS in May. I had a drain in and a little bruise below it too.
It just didn't heal right and was like it for a few weeks. I just didn't feel right either. First one healed well and got on with it. 2ND couldn't do much.
Went on and on, weeped etc.
I went for 6 week baby check and dr gave me antibiotics for it. Felt much better within a day.
If you are not sure go see a GP and get them to look at it. It was hard keeping mine dry after showers etc. Also told me to put gauze on it too.
Midwife said it was ok but I knew it wasn't right.
OH AND REST. It's hard having a wound not healing and a new baby. I felt that I needed to be better to look after DS2 better.

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