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are subsequent labour times faster??

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sunface Wed 31-Aug-11 15:55:54

i'm 35weeks with my 3rd DC. DC1 was 5 days overdue and the labour lasted 5 hours, DC2 arrived on the due date and labour lasted about 3 hours, just wondering if there is any indication of labour being quicker this time around?? or if it is all random?!

melliebobs Wed 31-Aug-11 16:37:05

i only know this cos my SIL told me the other day. DC1 4 weeks early 7 hour 7 min labour
DC2 1 day early 4hr 42 min labour (she was only an hour away from being born on time as well!)
DC3 6 day early 14hr 32 min labour

all look really random to me

sunface Wed 31-Aug-11 16:46:16

eek yup they do indeed melliebobs! Acht well and here was me hoping for a quick and early 3rd experience... knowing my luck i'll be overdue and it 'll be the longest labour yet!!! smile

MonkeeMummy Sun 04-Sep-11 12:22:35

Apparently third labours can be different from previous labours and it was definitely true for me.

DD1 2 days early, 6hrs
DD2 2 days early, 3hrs
DD3 due date, 12hrs (but it was a stop/start labour with lots of mini contractions doing the business over a longer time). Ending in a lovely waterbirth. This one was different - not more painful, just a bit more tiring.

MonkeeMummy Sun 04-Sep-11 12:35:57

PS, I'm still not sure whether it was everyone telling me that third labours are different that made me feel more anxious about going into labour when usually I feel relaxed

Fleecy Mon 05-Sep-11 12:37:17

DD1 3wks early, 4hrs of active labour
DS1 4 days late, 2hrs10 but three weeks of is it, isn't it first!

DC3 - am 35 weeks and waiting to find out... although am booked in for a section at 39 weeks due to past problems and a bit nervous about it coming earlier if it is quick as it's footling breech

NightLark Mon 05-Sep-11 12:53:27

DS, 1 week late, 24 hour labour
DD1, 1 week early, waters went 10.30pm, real contractions started about 5.30 am, she arrived 8.30am
DD2, 1 week late, contractions from about midday (tho getting serious from about 5pm), she arrived 9.30pm. BUT second stage was 5 minutes including dealing with a shoulder dystocia, so when she arrived she got her act together grin

Sleepglorioussleep Mon 05-Sep-11 14:36:45

Dd1 roughly 8 hours, hour and half second stage. Ds roughly three hours, 15 mins second stage. Dd2 roughly 1hr 45 mins, 15 min second stage but bigger. So subsequent quicker for me. Not always but best to be prepared. My friend assumed another long labour-had home birth on phone to paramedic!

RealityVonCrapp Mon 05-Sep-11 14:40:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilmamma Sat 10-Sep-11 20:56:00

I think its random ,depends of the position of the baby last baby was no 4,and was the longest and i needed forceps,you would think by no4,it would be straight forward but it wasnt.

LoveBeingAMummyAgain Sun 11-Sep-11 07:19:30

From first sign of labour to baby

Dd 7 hrs (first contraction)
Ds 6.5 hrs (show)

WynkenBlynken Sun 11-Sep-11 21:56:19

DD1 born on due date, 2 hours 45 mins
DD2 6 days late, 47 mins (back to back - ouch!!)

Panicking about number 3 already and not even trying yet!

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