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C section at St Mary's

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BellaBells Wed 20-Jul-11 18:29:57

I have just been booked in today for a c section at St Marys. Initial reasons were because of medical problems (with me) but it also turns out he's breech! I started my antenatal care at Chelsea & Westminster but due to some serious complications from an incompetent nurse and dr I was transferred to St Marys. After doing some research I seem to just be finding negative stories about St Marys so I wanted to see if I could find some positive outlooks! I know it's a personal opinion, most ppl praise C&W and can't believe I have a bad word to say, but I'm feeling quite anxious so some pleasant stories please ladies. X

tiggersreturn Wed 20-Jul-11 22:16:26

I had an emcs there nearly 5 years ago and am due to have twins there in september. The antenatal and labour ward care were great (I'm high risk) all the problems are on post-natal which unfortunately appears to be the case throughout London. You just have to learn to speak up when you need something and be firm and question any decisions that sound wrong particularly from un/under qualified nursing staff and HCAs on post-natal. Generally getting them to check with a dr puts off bad things and makes them think twice before doing anything unnecessary to you or the baby. Also make sure to insist on pain relief and sufficient pain relief on discharge.

Good luck! I found st mary's systemically to be much better than UCH where I had really dreadful experiences at antenatal level (never got beyond that).

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