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38 weeks and hacked off!

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ninipops Tue 19-Jul-11 08:08:01

**moan alert*

I was induced at 38 wks with DD (now 17mths) so last time round I had a baby at this stage and not an ever increasing bump. Admittedly it was because of high BP and it meant I couldn't have my planned homebirth but it just feels so much harder this time. Last time I could sit and watch crap telly now I just feel guilty cause I can't really play with DD the way she wants (SPD so running around and rolling around on the floor aren't really an option!).

I'm also starting to feel that I am just an appendage to my bump - it seems to have its own gravitational pull at this stage and the endless "Still here?" comments are flowing which are not helping.

I'm getting more achy and wondering/hoping at every turn if this ache is the start of something. Cause I was induced last time I don't have previous experience to fall back on. I know that I should be grateful that my BP is ok so I can have my homebirth and I can broadly look after DD and I am but I am also bloody sick of being pregnant!

Thanks for the moan - no responses needed!

fatbottomgirl Tue 19-Jul-11 08:37:39

Me too grinsad 38+2 and feed up. I ache everywhere Nd have footing pains down my legs. I have 3 dc, who just want me to do things. Really have had enough this time round. Only thing is I normally go 5 days over so I think I just have to grin and get on with it.
On the plus side I picked my birthing pool up yesterday so that will give me something to do(trial run) wink
Good luck

ninipops Tue 19-Jul-11 09:48:42

Ooh we have the same EDD in that in case - I already have my birthing pool but haven't done a trial run yet. Hope everything goes well and look forward to hearing about your eventual arrival!

Glitterybits Wed 20-Jul-11 17:00:38

I know just what you mean about not being able to play with your DC as you feel you should. DS keeps asking me to play with his train track on the floor and, it's not so much getting down to play as it is trying to get back up that is the issue. I am MASSIVE. I realise I should be excited about everything at this point, but the waiting is the worst bit in my view. DH doesn't know if he can work away from home, but doesn't want to stop because there's every likelihood nothing will happen anyway.

I also feel really apprehensive about labour (had a VERY long labour last time and don't fancy a repeat performance) until it starts and by then it's too late to get off the rollercoaster anyway, so I just wish it'd get on with it. Oh well, 8 days and counting. I'll joan you with the moan, moan, moan thing! grin

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