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PMS a sign of labour?

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MotherPanda Sun 17-Jul-11 11:53:41

I am just so ANGRY!!!!!!

I'm 39+4, and new sympton today is horrible achey period pains and the desire to kill my husband.

My old symptons (been going on for two weeks now) include my 'mild' SPD making me feel like my pelvis has torn apart, lower back pain, Keep rushing to the toilet as my body is definetley having a clear out, nausea, lots of mucus (plugs coming away in bits apparently), and Braxton hics - Hurrah!

I feel so angry and upset - because i'm not even overdue yet!

I'm never going to have a baby (sobs uncontrollably)

Did anyone else have this PMS like feeling? Would love for someone to say its a more imminent sign...

Tamashii Sun 17-Jul-11 12:17:57

No way - I was just reading the following thread that might answer your question! Fingers crossed for you...

MotherPanda Sun 17-Jul-11 12:19:03

Thanks Tamashii smile didn't see that one

minicorrect Wed 20-Jul-11 21:33:20

Blimey I could've written this OP!!

Been trying to keep my cool with DP for days now as choosing a new amp that I will have to drive miles to pick up is apparently so important right now. GRRRRRRRR!!

And having lots of the same other symptoms as you too - SPD, lower back ache that occasionally ramps up and runs up and down my back, crampy stomach upset feelings, nausea, no appetite, massive appetite, lots and lots of pressure on my cervix, bladder and bowels, close to tears, angry at nothing, hating the world, oh and BH left, right and centre. Some days have lots of energy and clean and weed the garden like I'm running out of time and other days I am close to tears at even having to get out of bed!

Been going for weeks now and I'm a week behind you. Sorry if this isn't reassuring. But you're not alone. Hope something is happening for you though - I've not had any show despite desperate checks every toilet visit in hope!!!

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