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How long over EDD do you get induced?

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mummy22gorgeousboys Sat 02-Jul-11 21:26:00

I'm currently 40+9 and on Monday I'm due at the hospital for a check up and sweep when I'll be 40+11 - if he hasn't made an appearance by then.

When would I be induced? Because I've read most peeps on here seem to be induced at 40+11.

And I've also read some peeps go 42 weeks +.

What's the norm? He's also back to back so dreading labour anyway for fear of forceps / ventrouse, and then I read that inductions end up 1/3 natural, 1/3 assisted, and 1/3 caesarian.

Any helpful info very much appreciated!

busynewmumtobe Sat 02-Jul-11 21:38:56

Hello there i may not be any use to your question as im having my first but reading up on loads. Your check at 40+11 with the sweep may bring on labour. I knw they can do this several times to help progress labour. However sometimes this doesnt work. Depends how favourable your cervix is. Furthermore depending if this brings on true contractions. From reading up quiet alot of people who have went over due and induced, many a swee works first time sometimes not. May take other attempts and if it does work some have been placed on iv to help along with contractions. If not they generally give you several options on how to get your little one out safely! Remember although your over your edd. The is a pretty old fashion way of working it out and it takes it that women ovulate on day 14 of a cycle and periods being on a regular period. Aslong as little ones happy. S/he should make an appearance on their own accordance! Lol words of wisdom from a new mummy to be. Im 37+2. I have read up abit as im nervous about this too but after LOTS of reasearch. Babies are very akward and show up when their ready. If you do have any worries i would contact your mw or just have a little chat on the phone to someone in your hospitals delivery suite. Their happy to help and if you worry, worry = stress... Which is NO good. Ever! Also we all pay towards our NI so use them as much as possible. I havent called in much as i am a freak on reading up on bits and bobs or just ask mw when i see her. But if its peace of mind... Then its worth a call hun. Anyways let me know when little one deciedes to make a show and congratulations smile x good luck. Baby time soon!

first1 Sun 03-Jul-11 08:54:27

I've only had one baby but I had a sweep at 40+1 and 40+6 both of which failed so I was induced at 40+9 and had her the next day. I did require ARM and drip but didn't need any assistance. Think different hospitals have different policies so may be worth enquiring

nannyl Sun 03-Jul-11 09:30:45

Up here they have it written that they will not induce (unless medically necessary of course ) until 40+14.

Personally i wont consent to induction at 40+14, which by my dates (which are correct as i have charted for months, used OPK's etc etc) i will only be 40+11.
I will choose regular monitoring instead, and if baby and placenta are happy they can stay there for a few more days.

Regardless of hospital policy you dont have to be induced on a certain day. Its up to you if you consent to it or not.

nannyl Sun 03-Jul-11 09:33:35

Bear in mind what is "normal" / routine in the UK depends on your postcode, and is not alway in line with what is "normal and healthy" in other countries of the world smile

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