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C Section - big tummy ever since

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dibdobdeb Thu 09-Jun-11 21:34:16

I have had 2 c sections (last one 4 years ago!). I am naturally slim/petite and used to have a very flat tummy. Since having 2nd baby my tummy is big - not wobbly but more like a hard belly bump (can look 4-5 months pregnant at times after meals!). I dont mind too much and didn't really think much about it until I was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago with a suspected groin hernia and during the routine checks on my admission 2 different doctors felt my tummy and at different times said "is that sore to press, is that your normal tummy shape?" like it was abnormal. I said it had been that way ever since having babies by c sections. They didn't mention it again. Just wondering is this normal? Anyone else experience this? I havn't done much specific excercise to be honest in the last 4 years as lost weight quite easily, but these doctors have made me feel paranoid about my tummy now, and a bit abnormal. Any excercises I should have been doing?

BadStepMother Fri 10-Jun-11 01:10:50

I am the same! 2 sections...last one 3 years ago and the rest of me is quite petite! I feel your pain.

Mine is also firm and sensitive...jeans are waist, bum and legs are a size 10 and my tummy is about a 14. sad Not sure...

BadStepMother Fri 10-Jun-11 01:33:19

really pleased you posted...I found this thread on MN whilst I was seems it's a proper condition and that surgery is an option for bad can cause a hernia and oter some people can have NHS treatment.

For me it's not abou the vanity...i have worked's about the discomfort...I cant lie on my front in bed and feel very down about having to wear trusers that are basicall 2 sizes too accomodate my tummy.

I am going to the doctor.

misshey Fri 10-Jun-11 13:43:40

Im the same, only had one c-section 15 months ago now weight has gone from everywhere exept tummy so I also look pregnant, some of my bloating on bad days is down to IBS though so perhaps you have a touch of that, although it does look like the people on this thread i of a petite bulid ( IM 4ft 8 an was a size 6 pre pregnancy) so perhaps its the scar tissue bulid up?, dont know but wish it would go away lol!

ohnororo Tue 14-Jun-11 02:59:29

A diastisis can cause your tummy to stick out even after losing pregnancy weight. I have a slight one ( had one c section, 8 months ago) and have googled myself silly trying to figure out how to treat it. Basically the abdominal muscles which act as a corset around your middle separate during pregnancy and for a lot of women they don't pull back into place. They can be trained back into place. The most established way to do this seems to me to be the tupler technique. Google it and on the website they have a list of trainers, there's now a lady teaching it from London, although I've not used her myself yet. Try googling the MuTu system as well as they are uk based and also address the separation issue. Oh and never ever do sit ups or any other jack knife movement as this can make it worse. Hope this helps!

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