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Recovery time after 3rd C Section?

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TLCDoula Fri 04-Feb-11 10:50:28

Thinking ahead here as not even of yet!

For those of you who have had 3 or more sections, how was your recovery?

I recovered quickly after my 1st, an EMCS, but slightly slower after my 2nd an ELCS as I got a wound infection ( not too bad managed to avoid antib's as I was bf). I found the scar to be more painful though.

Any experiences please?


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Phlebas Fri 04-Feb-11 14:01:13

I've had three (#4 booked for June), one emergency & two electives. Recovery from the third was fine - I was out of hospital after two nights & pretty much able to do everything I needed to straight away.

I did have more pain with the third; mainly after pains (had morphine at one point) & I needed codeine for two weeks (only had paracetamol with the first two), primarily because I was running around after my older two & just got back to normal with no extra rest. It was okay though - scar is fine etc.

faverolles Fri 04-Feb-11 15:46:16

Had my 4th two weeks ago and I'm more or less back to normal now.
I haven't needed regular painkillers for over a week, bleeding had stopped a few days ago (but started again today cos I've been doing too much!)
For me, recover has got quicker with each cs.

MrsPennySworth Fri 04-Feb-11 20:56:50

I've had 3. First emcs was pretty bad. Second was an elective section and recovered really quickly - didnt have to take any painkillers after about 5 days. 3rd one was an emcs and took me absolutely ages to recovery. Worst one by far but then I did lose a lot of blood too and was quite anaemic.

Think maybe it's not so much whether it's your first/second/third but maybe other factors too. Like whether it is emcs or elective and any complications (infections etc) and probably even the surgeon who performs it I'd imagine?!

missp2010 Sat 05-Feb-11 21:33:17

I saw the senior midwife last week to discuss my birth options (had an emcs with DD and elcs with DS). I found the recovery second time round much harder. The midwife said this could have been for several reasons such as amount of blood loss/anaemia, size and position of baby, having to care for older children and therefore having less rest, how easy the surgery is to carry out. So I would agree with the above post that it can be a number of things that determine recovery not just how many previous sections you've had.

NellyTheElephant Sun 06-Feb-11 20:34:15

I've had 3 sections, 1st emergency then 2 electives. For me recovery was slowest after the first (i.e. the emergency one after a long labour). Recovery after no.s 2 and 3 was great both times - v quick and no issues. As pp said, I'm not sure that the no. of sections makes a great deal of difference i think it's just down to luck (or bad luck) as to whether you get an infection or something that makes recovery difficult.

Lovingmy3 Thu 13-Aug-15 00:53:52

I'm currently on my 3rd c section in the hospital as we speak...recovery for me has its days...the more I move around n not just lay here then I'm ok but if I just lay in bed I get stiff...I must admit tho this has been the most painful one..the last two I bounced immediately back

Iris1220 Sun 08-Mar-20 04:44:27

Yes me too

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