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Knutsford Suite - Richard Sheridan

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Anu3 Wed 08-Dec-10 16:33:00

Can anyone recommend Mr Richard Sheridan at The Knutsford Suite Watford please? The hospitals in the city are a bit far out for me as i live up in North London so have been looking at private care at the Knutsford Suite but have read a few articles in the BBC news about Dr Richard Sheridan when he had a court case against him in 2005. Im a bit apprehensive now and want some help!

stickybean Thu 09-Dec-10 07:39:25

I had my baby there with him this year. He works in a team with a midwife called Sarah Denning. In my opinion she is the star of the team but he is excellent too.
The best thing about going with him (as opposed to another consultant) is that you know both the consultant and the midwife beforehand as opposed to just the Doctor. After my first experience this was very important to me.

I was aiming for a VBAC and she was extremely supportive of it.
I didn't achieve my VBAC in the end but they both gave me the best shot.

He is very funny and familiar which some people wouldn't like, i found it made me feel more comfortable. For example he makes jokes, swears a little etc. But i think he does it to relax you.

I had originally looked at another consultant there but someone i know who works at Watford told me if i was her daughter she would be sending me to Sheridan so i went there. I also know quite a few people who have been with him and been happy.

If i had another baby i would book with him without question.
I know nothing about the court case, and i guess i am pleased i didnt. I would highly recommend him.

stickybean Thu 09-Dec-10 07:45:05

Check out

Anu3 Fri 10-Dec-10 14:36:54

Thanks stickybean - That does make me feel a lot better!!. I have booked my first appointment with them next week - So fingers crossed - all works well for me

Did you have your baby at The Knutsford Suite? how was your experience there?


stickybean Sun 12-Dec-10 20:29:06

Sorry this has taken so long, i've only just seen your post...

Yes i was at the Knutsford.
You deliver on the main labour ward with Richard and Sarah and then go to the knutsford afterwards.

They were FANSTASTIC! My husband stayed all 3 nights with me, they bought him a bed, meals etc (this costs extra.)
The midwives were lovely and kind, on my first night i wasn't in great shape and she sat there sponging me with cool water.

The rooms are small but very nice, clean etc.
Mr Sheridan will visit every day until you go home.

Anu3 Fri 17-Dec-10 14:26:25

I finally met both Richard and Sarah for my first ante natal appointment and Im glad I went to see them! Both of them made me feel absolutely comfortable and I have decided to continue with them and deliver at Knutsford! Thanks for your help with my decision stickybean!!

greatexperiencesstick Sun 09-Jan-11 14:48:20

I also delivered with them last year and they were both phenomenal, especially Sarah. I don't think that you'll regret it.

ibyb Thu 14-Jul-11 17:24:03

Hello everyone, ive heard amazing comments about Mr. Sheradian, but i am particularly concerned about costs. Apart from the Knutsford suite cost, what do you think ill be looking at with Mr. Sheradian?
I am presently 33wks gone.
Anticipating your response. Thanks

Katiebeau Fri 15-Jul-11 10:57:15

Hello ibyb If you go to their fees for "birth only" which I assume you would qualify for are on there - aout £3600 from memory but I could be wrong. It's a fixed cost regardless of the type of delivery. You pay extra for the consultant anaethetist. There are good fees examples on the website.

He is fanastic, so is Sarah. I was so scared after my last dreadful birth I was shaking when I met him. 30 minutes later I felt so much more informed. He explains when he would fall back on any sort of intervention. Their VB rate without any intervention is >80% (our NHS for planned VBs is 38%!!)

jessicaf23 Wed 31-Dec-14 20:12:55

I haven't had kids yet but both my cousins had there babies there under him I have been under him with PCOS and VERY VERY confident I would reccomend him to all because he is truly a FANTASTIC consultant I had an ovarian demoid cyst and he removed it in January this year with NO problems at all my mums also known him for a very long time when I do have kids I know who I am going under he was on the programme Lorraine this morning too I trust him 100% without a doubt if anyone asks me for a good gynacoligist I will reccomend hi everytime he truly is fantastic hes very funny, I feel VERY VERY confident in his care and tust him 100% without a doubt he is very funny but serious when you talk to him he sorted out a BIG problem of mine my periods were literally non existant ever since that cyst came out they are slowly getting back to normal he is a FANTASTIC consultant!

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