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Any idea what's going on?

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WriterofDreams Mon 06-Dec-10 10:53:37

Just going a bit mad here, not sure what's happening. I'm 37+2 currently and last night I basically didn't sleep a wink due to what seemed to be contractions that weren't painful but were very uncomfortable. I tried timing them a couple of times and they varied from being 15 mins to 25 mins apart and each one was about 40 seconds long. I pooed twice during the night (sorry TMI) and I now have sort of a crampy/periody feeling in my pelvis that is more niggly than painful. As far as I can tell the contractions have become a bit more haphazard a little less strong. I should have been in work today but I had to stay out because I was too tired. There is stuff I really need to do but if I could go in for one day that would be enough. Do you think I'm going into labour, or is this just a gearing up thing that'll go away?

rudbekia Mon 06-Dec-10 11:09:12 early-stage

have a gander at this - explains the various phases of labour really well. sounds like you might be gearing up for stuff but it can take its time so hang on in there and try not to get anxious x

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