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Membrane sweep then mucous plug?

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daisystone Wed 24-Nov-10 17:30:16

I had a membrane sweep on Monday. I am now 40 + 5. I think I have just lost my mucuous plug.

Does this mean anything? (crosses fingers...)

I know you can lose your mucous plug weeks before labour begins but if you lose it after a sweep, is it more favourable?

I am wishing and praying as induction is booked in for Tuesday. Are there any knowledgeable or experienced Mumsnetters out there who can advise?

Nagoo Wed 24-Nov-10 19:18:51

it means that thins are moving, but you can't say how quickly.....
if it's bloody that's a better sign than if it's greenish....

I am racing too since got induction booked for Sunday (will be +13)

I'm horribly tight and uncomfortable since my sweep this afternoon, but it's not contractions as such....

daisystone Thu 25-Nov-10 13:39:25

Yes the sweep left me feeling bruised and uncomfortable afterwards. Having it done was OK but after effects aren't great.

I really hope something is happening. Not having contractions yet. Doing some housework in the hope that that will kick start something - it is just knackering me out though!

I hope things progress for you before the weekend Nagoo

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