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help! UK insurances that cover private maternity

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samarcanda Wed 10-Nov-10 13:56:56

Hi all, I'm relocating to the UK from USA and i'm 22 weeks pregnant. My guy's work has offered him to pick insurance policies, within budget limits.

Do you know which ones are the companies that cover maternity ? (meaning all expenses in private care as opposed to only the ones that are justified by a medical necessity)

I know Bupa does, but I'm sure there are others and I would like to have a list to give to my DH when he goes and negotiate

Also do you know if the fact that i am already pregnant might mean they won't accept us in the new policies? In the USA they consider maternity a "pre-existing condition" (crazy eh?) and won't insure you if you are already pregnant - is the same in UK?

thanks ! xx

uglyforeigner Mon 19-Aug-13 15:46:05

Bringing up old tread again - thanks to everyone for advice and time to post.
Happened within a month of me making the last post. Nature works in mysterious ways.
I did change lifestyle a few months before - eating better, gym, swimming, sauna, reduced wine consumption (dramatically).
Listen to experience (mw) and forget what newspapers say hehe

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