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Should I be concerned for her?

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user1473597598 Sun 11-Sep-16 13:54:48

I have a DD who is 13 years old, and is going to be 14 soon. One of her hobbies is drawing, and she can produce outstanding quality pictures when she spends enough time on them.

However, I was looking through a pile of pictures she had drawn, it was the norm, characters from books and cute anime style animals. But then I stumbled across this one...and now I'm very concerned. This is the second time she's drawn something like this. The other time was when she was very young and was angry with me, and drew a picture of me hanging myself...

Should I confront her about this picture? I'm not sure what to do!

cheeesecheesecheese Sun 11-Sep-16 15:24:04

Hi there, my daughter is a similar age and has got into this anime stuff via one of her friends and I really don't like it. Some of that stuff, the drawings and song videos, seem to focus on depressive thoughts and make references to self harm and suicide. My daughter and her friend have had a lot of difficult family shit to deal with (different issues for each family) in the last year and whilst I encourage the sharing of difficult feelings as being as valid as positive feelings I really don't like this stuff.

I think early adolescence can be a very tough time for them emotionally, hormones, new feelings etc. However, in my view, some particular girls seem to take this 'depressed teenager' identity to heart. What I mean is that whilst acknowledging that they are experiencing new and difficult emotions there can be a tendency to over dramatise this stuff. However some young people do experience genuine mental distress and it's tough to know which it is.

I don't know that I can give you any helpful advice but I do understand your concerns and I don't think you are alone.The only thing I can suggest is trying to talk with her and if she is experiencing negative and depressing thoughts are they a genuine cause for concern or is it normal teenage angst? Hopefully another poster will come along with something more helpful.

cheeesecheesecheese Wed 21-Sep-16 13:49:55

Hi OP. I'm sorry that no-one else commented on your concern. Have you taken any action about it yet?

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