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Anxious traveller

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KJS63 Wed 17-Feb-16 18:00:10

I'm taking my daughter to see my Mum and we need to fly. She's been on lots of flights though normally she travels with me and her dad (she worships her Dad) so this is the first time since she was tiny, I've taken her on a plane. She had been looking forward to the trip, but now has become very anxious about the flight. This is since we had a distressing journey over the new year (not flight related) I'm checking the forecast and see that the weather is going to be bad - wind and rain, so now I'm feeling really apprehensive on her behalf. She doesn't know it's going to be a rough flight and I feel really guilty about taking her on it. We've watched videos. Has anybody any suggestions for how to handle her fear during the flight?

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