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Help me get some perspective Roundup causes autism?

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Kangaroosjump Fri 10-Jul-15 10:19:49

I walk past houses with bottles outside their front door every day (so using it) plus sure the council uses it on pavement on my road

Read an article linking it with autism but not sure if that's just if you eat foods sprayed with it or that if you're TTC or pregnant you should avoid it altogether? (To lower risk)

Anyone been regularly exposed and not had any issues?

Looseleaf Fri 10-Jul-15 10:23:43

Interesting. My friend warned me how bad this stuff was too as has done months of research into it and feels very strongly about its use in the local environment (her DC have severe allergies and she thinks there's a link)

sparechange Fri 10-Jul-15 10:24:09

There was a big study into whether organophosphates (the ingredient in roundup) could be linked to Mad Cow disease/CJD, gulf war syndrome and a host of other things that effect the nervous system.

The conclusion was there was no link. But there are people who still believe there is a link, despite the lack of evidence...

People who are regularly exposed - farmers using sheep dip, gardeners etc - don't show any higher incidence of those sorts of conditions, so I don't think you have anything to worry about, given the minuscule amounts you might have come into contact with

Kangaroosjump Fri 10-Jul-15 10:57:22

The comment should reassure me but now iv just linked the comment about sheep dip to my grandfathers sudden cancer (he passed away within 6 months of diagnosis) as he was the one who did the dipping

Argh. We can't even breathe safely these days!

I probably do need to get a grip on my anxietyblush

sparechange Fri 10-Jul-15 16:38:21

There is definitely no proven link between sheep dip and sudden cancer.
They studies looked at the link with nervous system issues - cjd, Alzheimer's etc
Modern life exposes us to all sorts, but this is the safest time to be alive so please don't worry

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