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Alternative to CAMHS?

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MoreCatsThanKids Sat 09-Jun-12 14:12:26

Will try not to drip feed but a bit long and complicated.

DD 13 has physical health problems which caused her to be anxious about going to school, low self esteam so friendship issues, seperation anxieties (about even leaving the house) also problems dating back to earlier in her life re worry about things happening in the world ( wars, metiors, riots), etc, etc, basically very anxious girl who has also self harmed sad We finally got GP to refer to CAMHS and have had several sessions.

I have been involved in every session (which I gather is unusual for CAMHS?) - it is very hard to get DD to speak directly to tbe councellor so I often end up speaking for her, though I try not to! DD has however been feeling a little better lately - she had operation which helpwd her physical health, we have removed her from school which has removed that problem but before the last session she became very anxious about the actual session - she doesnt want to go as she says it doesnt help, and I have to agree with her. She feels better about some things that have changed but the things that havent (low self esteem, fear of loss of loved ones, etc )still cause her anxiety.

Councellor said that all the things she has been anxious about have been removed - DD needs to think about why she is still so unhappy, to stop avoiding things she finds difficult, and to work out how she thinks she can do it. We have a 'gap' between appointments of 3 weeks to 'assess'.

I believe she needs help to deal with anxiety in general as new 'worries' are always going to crop up in her life - is there an alternative to CAMHS? And how do we 'leave' CAMHS without loosing their support if we need it in future?

Thank you for reading this far blush Anyone with experience of other types of therapy (believe CAMHS using CBT techniques?) and how to access them?

BurningBridges Sun 10-Jun-12 00:48:10

Call Young Minds' parent helpline and they can discuss alternatives. We paid for a child psychologist who did EMDR (a therapy using tapping or rapid movements, try googling) and that worked for our DD - I am not suggesting you should have to pay though, just saying. Young Minds is a fabulous charity and I recommend their helpline to everyone, they know their stuff and give direct advice, not just signposting. Good luck with all this:

Selks Sun 10-Jun-12 00:59:49

Alternatives will depend on what is available in your area. There may well be some counselling services for young people in your area that might be suitable, or there might be a school counsellor in your daughter's school.
If you no longer want CAMHS input they will probably end their current involvement. Further involvement would probably need a re-referral.
I would consider persevering with the CBT's very helpful for anxiety. Has your daughter given any indication of why she doesn't talk in the therapy sessions?

MoreCatsThanKids Sun 10-Jun-12 16:16:17

burning - thank you - agree that Young Minds excellent - they recommended CAMHS in the first place and were a great support - hadnt thought about going back to them for altwrnatives but will do so thanks

selks - thank you - we have tried school councellor who was also doing CBT - i was not present in those sessions but DD says they were no help and we progressed to CAHMS. I think she doesnt talk much in the sessions because 1 I am there sad and 2 because she knows what cpuncellor is trying to do (make her face fears bit by bit) and she says that doesnt help her feel better about her self as a person.

Will try to have next session one to one (not with me therefore) and also phone young minds

TY both

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