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Chicken with a poorly foot

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LittleB Mon 21-Sep-09 14:13:47

My poor speckledy maran, Pumpkin, has a sore foot. She has a hole in it 2-3mm across and 2-3mm deep, so pretty bad in a chickens little foot, her foot is swollen up too, although she's not limping. I took her to see her breeder who has given her a Tylan injection, and I'm going to be injecting her every other day for a week. Also cleaning it out every day with salted water and spraying with purple spray. Giving them Apple cider vinegar in their water. Anything else I can try? I so want her to pull through, but the breeder says its pretty bad and she may or may not get better - to quote 'where theres life theres hope', which doesn't sounds great to me. Shes a lovely friendly chicken, shes almost 1 so is a young fit bird, she occaisionally does double yolkers for us too and is so friendly and calm. She still laying although not as much as usual. Anyone got any tips or advice?
Haven't lost a chicken yet, we've got 7, so I guess its going to happen sometime though.

LittleB Sat 26-Sep-09 10:07:12

Bump, any advice? Pumpkin is laying well now so must be feeling a bit better (although we can't eat her eggs of course)- but there is still a big hole in her foot that doesn't seem to be healing?

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