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Wood chip in run - questions

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TigerMoon Thu 26-Oct-17 19:25:48

We put wood chip down in our run yesterday. It looks great but just have a couple of questions...

Do you still poo pick with wood chips? It was easy when it was grass/bare earth but the poo is harder to spot in amongst the wood chips and almost impossible to scoop out without taking lots of chips with it.

Also - the hens love scratching around in the chips which is great but today they kicked up so much that they completely clogged up their drinking container (it's one of the hanging kinds with the red base). We've already got it hanging from a cord so it's off the ground but they still managed to fill it full of wood chip so couldn't get to the water.

Has anyone else with wood chip overcome these issues?

Santawontbelong Thu 26-Oct-17 19:28:41

You may get more help with pics!!
I love looking at 'Ladies'!!
Sadly we had to rehome ours(with a friend) and a fox picked them off one by one. .
One day hope to be able to have more. Definitely make for a happier, more stress free sense of well being. .

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