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anyone have orpingtons?

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sleeplessinderbyshire Sun 01-May-11 22:08:50

Going to start our first foray into hen keeping very soon. My parents always had chickens when I was growing up so I am not a total novice. Not bothered about getting lots of eggs and planning 3-4 girls. House sorted (DH is building one - he's very good at woodwoprks and is very excited) after tons of internet research I know I want an old style breed which will eb docile and family friendly (DD is 20 months) we went to meet a lady who breeds orpingtons this afternoon and I think I have fallen in love. She was wonderfully helpful, only sells pullets/mature birds and usually the ones that are not perfect for showing but are ideal garden pets. She answered all my questions and suggested we ring her in July when the chicks she's just hatched will be big enough for her to be selling on

anyone ever had Orpingtons before?

SpotsMumSally Sun 01-May-11 23:14:37

We have a Buff Orpington. My sister has several Jubilee Orpingtons. They are lovely birds and grow fairly big.

Ours certainly isn't the friendliest of the four we have, but she's the boss so I suppose she has to appear aloof!

ilovemyhens Tue 03-May-11 16:42:15

I've just had to rehome my Orpington because of her attitude problem and the noise hmm She used to scream the place down and peck everyone. She was awful sad

Cochins make great pets and aren't noisy. Very easygoing birds.

Light Sussex are lovely too. Very friendly and good layers. Mine aren't noisy either.

MrsvWoolf Tue 03-May-11 17:18:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

virgiltracey Tue 03-May-11 20:00:07

we've had orps. Two of them were lovely, very docile and happy to be picked up etc. One was plain scary. I'm very much a believer that hens have their own personailities though and its not so much to do with the breed.

virgiltracey Tue 03-May-11 20:00:41

none of my orps were any more noisy than any of the other breeds.

ilovemyhens Tue 03-May-11 21:39:27

My Orpie wasn't placid, she was bloomin nuts! She even had a wild look about her shock

She used to run full pelt down the side of the house to get into the front garden. Not very dignified when you're that size hmm She used to go nuts if we picked her up too. She was just plain crackers I think.

virgiltracey Wed 04-May-11 08:04:02

Ilovemy hens so was one of mine!! She was gold laced and she looked like a golden eagle. She was seriously scary!

My others were beautiful though. A lovely black one who shimmered green in the sun and a beautiful buff (fox attack though unfortunately sad)

ilovemyhens Wed 04-May-11 13:13:24

That's strange, mine was a gold laced orpie as well hmm Perhaps they have some sort of genetic weakness confused

Millie1 Wed 04-May-11 22:19:58

My Buff Orp is the most docile of our three - the others are a Buff Sussex (haughty and aloof) and a New Hampshire Red (timid but the boss).

ilovemyhens Wed 04-May-11 22:28:35

My cochins have been the best for placidity. They're just huge, cuddly balls of fluff who don't bat an eyelid about anything. Lovely personalities. Sadly I only have one left now, but I'd definitely have them again given half the chance.

midori1999 Sat 07-May-11 13:00:20

We haven't had Orps but we did have a cochin until she was sadly killed by a fox. sad

Orps were our first choice, but finding a good breeder within a sensible distance was hard for us, so we went for a (black) cochin instead. I would absolutely have one again over an Orp as she was absolutely stunning to look at and absolutely huge and although not overly friendly as such (none of ours are, except one of the hybrids) she would happily be picked up from the garden and when she took to not going in the house at night herself (maybe as we got into the habit of lifting her in blush she could get in, there was nothing wrong with her!) she would go under the henhouse until we went outside for her, then come out and wait for us to pick her up and pop her in. She was quite big for the DC to hold, but they could manage it.

She was also incredibly comical to watch running over if we went out to give corn or treats to the hens.

But mainly, she was so, so beautiful and magnificent.

ilovemyhens Sat 07-May-11 13:34:58

My cochin follows me around and you can hear her padding along behind you with her fluffy feet, like a sinister granny who won't leave you alone grin

CornishQueen Tue 07-Jun-11 00:17:44

I have one Orpington and 2 pekins. She is the most docile/placid of the 3 - except at feed time as she is seriously greedy and will RACE across at full pelt. (BUt I think that is partly because she is desperate to get her share as other 2 gang up on her to get first dibs. Plus maybe always hungry as she is quite big).
She is easy to pick up and seems the tamest in the way she responds to my voice etc. Although she is bottom of pecking order (and a bit left out - I feel sorry for her) she is actually the boldest about venturing out into wider garden. A character. I am planning to get another one to keep her company - although concerns at introducing just one more after reading some of comments here!

CornishQueen Tue 07-Jun-11 00:21:36

Oh and the Orpington is not noisy at all - unlike the Pekins who make comical noises a lot - sounds like sooty and sweep having argument! Still not really loud though...

MyNameIsCaz Tue 07-Jun-11 15:39:05

I have Blue Orpingtons and they are very quiet apart from the announcement of an egg, they are very tame, come when called, eat out of my hand and follow me round like lovesick puppies, they even sit at the open kichen door while I cook. They also get on very well with the dog and the cat and are not bothered by loud noises, all in all very placid, tame, quiet birds, with bags of character!

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