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liann2310 Tue 20-Dec-16 08:00:28

Morning peeps smile

I am currently living in a privately rented property through an agency, the owner of the property is selling early next year and the agency have offers me a 2 bed house, this is all good but I am a little confused as I am currently in receipt of housing benefit (not for to long as I'm training to be a driving instructor) trying to to time it for when my son starts school as I'm a single mum and don't get much help with childcare. Has anyone been in a simular situation where they move property and when is the best time to tell the council eg.. so your not left short as I'm moving beginning of Feb and I'm die a payment end of Jan? Sorry If this doesn't make sense ☺

user1477282676 Tue 20-Dec-16 11:39:11

Hi, firstly...the house is not a privately rented house if it's through an agency. The only way a rental agreement is private is if there's no agency involved.

You can call the council or housing dept right now if you like...let them know the exact date you're moving, the new rent and when that rent takes effect. There will be forms to fill in...let the agency know once you've recieved a letter telling you that it's sorted out.

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