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Carers who need Care ! Who Cares ! No one

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marbaker Thu 20-Jan-11 17:31:25

I became a carer 10 years ago, when my son at the age of 17 was diagnosed with paranoid schzophrenia. He was so ill for 18 months before a doctor would come to see him, when they did they charged in with the section team. If i could turn the clock back, I would have made them see him and treat him long before the 3 sections were needed. No one listened and no one cared. My son mightest well have died 10 years ago, I almost did.

corinewmoon Thu 20-Jan-11 21:08:35

Really sorry to hear your story. Are you doing any better now?

marbaker Fri 21-Jan-11 09:25:38

Thanks for sending a message, I hope you are well. Things are up and down, the problem is I have bipola and sometimes Im not well enought to help my son, althought i have no choice... well or not, its all left to me.

My son has been out of hospital for 4 years now and some how we have managed. About 6 months ago, my son became quite unwell and we needed to see a consultant every week. One week in particular I know my son couldnt go on the bus and I had no money. I rang the mental health community outreach team to ask if they could help to get us to the consultants office, they asked me if I thought it was a taxi service.

There help made me feel ill !

corinewmoon Sat 22-Jan-11 17:48:25

Hmm, sometimes hospitals will help arrange transport if you have no means of getting to appointments. I suppose they shouldnt exclude people with mental health problems

marjproops Wed 13-Mar-13 18:06:40

OP I am bipolar myself and am a fulltime carer for my DC who has multiple disabilities.

Its true, wheres the help for the carer?

sometimes its poor DC caring for ME!

Im completely with you on this.

Horton81 Tue 11-Feb-14 09:11:11

Hi all,

Reading all your messages and thought you might want to look at My cousin has downs syndrome and wished I could send him here for a break.

apparently they are offering breaks of up-to 80% in February only so might be worth looking into?


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