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Grand Picasso car seat question

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SuzysZoo Sat 27-Feb-10 19:05:49

I have just been on the Essex car safety website and seen that they recommend a high back booster (rather than just a basic booster seat, for up to 11 years). I have therefore dusted off my old Maxi Cosi Rodi for my son (7). However, I need to sit him in the back seats (seats 6 and 7 in the the 7 seater PIcasso). The way the straps work it just does not sit properly over the Rodi and if he leans forward they do not retract (so not very safe). Does anyone have a 7 seat Picasso and a high back booster that work together in the rearest two seats? Any replies gratefully received!

jocie Sat 27-Feb-10 19:21:26

my friend has one so will ask her, i know she has had one in the back row i think it might have been her concord lift evo pro but i will check

herbietea Sat 27-Feb-10 19:28:42

Message withdrawn

herbietea Sat 27-Feb-10 19:35:40

Message withdrawn

jocie Mon 01-Mar-10 13:00:30

my friend says it is a concoerd lift but she has also had a graco back there.

3l15a8eth Mon 01-Mar-10 14:58:03

I am jocie's friend I have a concord lift evo in the third row I also have the strapes that hold it there but you need to try one before you get it as my small 8 1/2 year old is on the highest that it can be and still fit in the back this would be the same in any car with three row and cars that are not mpvs. Because of where the belts come from they are not safe on a boster as the belt is infront of thier sholders. I would try again and check that it is ajusted to the right hieght if it is to low it might stop the belt going back in. I have had graco, britax adventure, and and kidfix 23 and never had a problem. some of the seat are not as staple

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