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Hate my Cybex car seat, want to share

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KateJ4545 Wed 29-Jan-20 15:46:46

Hi Everyone,

I've had a terrible, and tbh unsafe experience with my Cybex Sirona I-Size car seat so I want to share as I know lots of people on these threads are looking for advice on choosing a seat.

My Cybex Sirona seat cost around £300 and I hate it. I find it completely unsafe. I’ve had every issue with it - getting the entire upper body out the seat, slumping forward. Now the lock on the swivel feature is broken so my tot can use their feet to shuffle the seat around and face the window. Totally unsafe.

Cybex took three weeks to sort collection for a repair (so that's three weeks with a faulty car seat) Then, the seat was sat under my seat at work for a further few days because they kept telling me they'd collect it and didn't. They actually only collected it when I threatened to share my story on social media (why must it come to this). It's taken a further week, and me pro-actively chasing them, to get confirmation that the seat is faulty so they'll send another. I still don't know when the new seat will arrive.

This isn't a moan to get back at Cybex. I genuinely want to share this story because I wish I'd heard this before choosing a Cybex seat. I honestly don't believe Cybex care about car seat safety, other than how they can use it in marketing to sell their products. And ignoring the whopping issue of my tot being able to spin while I'm driving, it was still a pretty rubbish seat (see faults mentioned above.)

All-in-all it's a big thumbs down from me, for the seat and the service. I find it quite upsetting that a car seat manufacturer, and a high-end one at that, would have such a lax attitude towards safety.

Hope this helps everyone make a decision.

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KateJ4545 Wed 29-Jan-20 16:30:53

Further to the above, for reference Cybex have told me it’ll take a further two weeks for my to get a replacement car seat. Just thought I’d share. Happy car seat hunting. I’ve heard great things about Britax Romer

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BertieBotts Wed 29-Jan-20 19:20:51

Cybex used to be really great. High quality German manufacturer. Since they were bought out by goodbaby (Chinese budget seat manufacturer) in 2014 I have heard a number of complaints about their products. I didn't have a great experience choosing an infant car seat of theirs in 2018 to be honest. However they do still get good safety ratings on their seats.

Britax-Römer are still based in the UK/Germany and produce some of the highest rated seats for safety. They are probably the car seat brand I have the highest amount of trust in. Also high in the trust stakes I'd recommend Besafe, Recaro, Axkid.

OverthinkingThis Thu 30-Jan-20 15:49:07

We've had the Cybex Sirona I-Size car seat for just under a year (bought based on Which? review) and it's been fab, no issues at all. Disappointing to hear that the customer service isn't up to scratch if there are issues though.

Magicfish Thu 30-Jan-20 15:56:59

I have the same one but mine is so hard to move. Really struggle to turn her and recline. Love it at start but struggling now she is getting bigger

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