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Cybex Sirona

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TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Wed 28-Nov-18 20:36:13


Cut a long story short I have found myself in need of a replacement car seat. My friend has let me borrow her Cybex Sirona and I can buy it off her cheaply if i like it.

It will not be my main seat it is for grandparents car. However i cannot find safety reviews. I can only find safety tests for the newer not the original model. Can anyone help.

StoodOnALego Wed 02-Jan-19 20:41:28

Possibly - I have a Cybex Sirona bought in 2016 so probably the model you are after? It's not the M2 or whatever it's called it's the one before that (it is the swivel one though)

I don't know exactly what safety info I read as it was all downloaded onto my old phone but I remember poring over it for hours and being happy. The Cybex safety testing seemed thorough. I also read lots about the safety of impact cushions (the front facing restraint instead of the harness). Early versions of the cushion were poor as they were not big enough but later versions like the Sirona are bigger and better designed. It covers a lot of the child's body, the theory being on impact they would wrap around the cushion as a fluid movement and it would reduce the massive strain on the head and neck and internal organs. I can see how that could work.

After using it for more than 2 years for my son my comments would be that it is incredibly easy to use, stylish and good quality. The impact cushion avoids the toddler silliness of wriggling arms out of harnesses while you're on the motorway, that sort of thing. My son is really comfy in it.

Downsides - heavy, large, rear facing there is really not a lot of space. I think it is far more comfortable forward facing.

Hope that helps. It really has been a great seat for us with my son, and we are now about to move him into a new one and use the Cybex for our infant daughter as she's outgrowing her carrier.

Booboostwo Wed 02-Jan-19 21:42:38

I got my Sirona 4.5 years ago and as far as I remember it was one of the top rated seats for safety.

My DS stayed comfortably backward facing till 4yo an de he’s in the 97th centile for height. The version we had, sorry I have no idea which one it was, slid backwards to allow more room for legs.

AvoidingMarking Wed 02-Jan-19 22:32:39

Is it the one with the impact cushion? The Which?review I read of cybexsirona were brilliant when I bought my new car seat (after being involved in an accident) and I didn't realise it was a different model I had ordered. We never used the impact cushion as we rear faced anyway, and the reviews are better when the old one is used that way.

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