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Axkid: move or minikid

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Yumyumbananas Sat 03-Nov-18 19:18:15

Which one? Is minikid worth the extra?

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 03-Nov-18 20:02:29

We have two Minikids - they are excellent. We seem to have had many car seats in the 3.5yrs we've had car seats and they're by far the best.

I haven't seen the move in real life but the main differences are the self-adjusting tethers and the headrest. They're not deal breakers to me but they are incredibly useful features, particularly if you move the car seat into a different car, or even just taking it out to hoover.

I'd say the Minikid is worth it if budget isn't an issue. But if the Minikid would be a stretch, the Move is an excellent option and you would hardly miss the Minikid features once you had it.

Yumyumbananas Sat 03-Nov-18 22:37:48


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