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Third child on the way and a Qasquai!

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MadeInCornwallx3 Wed 10-Oct-18 21:38:14

Hello all!

We've recently discovered we're expecting our third child and I really need so car advice!

We currently have a Nissan qasqai and I wanted to know if anyone had found a way of getting two HBB and a baby seat in the back?

Eldest will be five and middle child three when baby arrives.

Obviously new seats will be cheaper than changing cars but I'm just not sure if it's possible or even where to start looking.

Thank you in advance! Mildly panicking 🙈

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 11-Oct-18 00:02:19

Not in the back.

You could put the baby in the front with the airbag disabled.

buscaution Thu 11-Oct-18 00:05:56

No. You need 3 full back seats for 3 car seats.

MadeInCornwallx3 Sat 13-Oct-18 10:52:35

Oh god. Looks like we may be looking for a new car then.

No idea where to start!

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 13-Oct-18 11:29:53

We love our Alhambra. 3 full seats so easily fits 3 car seats and sliding doors so easy to park and get everybody out!

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