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ERF seats - Besafe Izi+/Britax Max Way/Axkid MiniKid

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cttontail Sun 29-Apr-18 21:49:17

Any thoughts on extended rear facing car seats? Want to upgrade for my 2 year old when new baby comes along (so baby can use the Isofix base and 2-3yo has option of rear facing for longer).
Have so far narrowed it down to the Besafe Izi plus, Britax Max Way or Axkid Minikid. Does anyone have these? Any issues we should be aware of or things to recommend them?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 30-Apr-18 10:55:46

We have two Minikids and two Britax Two Way Elites as spares. This is what I know:

Minikids - amazing, love them, I think every one should have them grin Along with the TWE they have the tallest shells so they're the longest lasting.

Izi Plus - bigger than a Minikid so takes up much more room. Not as tall in the shell

Max Way - again not as tall as the TWE which is cheaper

Personally I'd got for the Minikid as it's so compact, easy to fit, so universal and easy to swap between cars and between kids!

Eeeeek2 Mon 30-Apr-18 14:31:19

I have the mini kid and very happy with it.

cttontail Mon 30-Apr-18 21:18:15

Thanks teaandbiscuits, that's really helpful!

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