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Car seat / stroller for toddler

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MrsTweed123 Mon 28-Nov-16 10:00:50

Hi all

I live in Scotland and my family live in Kent so my 16-month old baby and I regularly travel by train and air to visit them.

When she was little I used the Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat with adaptors on my Bugaboo buggy. That way, I always had a car seat with me and it was super convenient. However, my daughter has now grown out of the Pebble. So, my question is: is there a toddler version of this system? Do any of the car brands offer a car seat that can double up as a buggy?

I am about to visit family for Christmas and I'd rather not have to buy both sets of parents.

Thank you for your help!

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AliceMum09 Mon 28-Nov-16 13:10:10

Wouldn't your family offer to buy a car seat/s to help you out? Call it a Christmas present for your daughter and then get a token gift like a cheap book just so she has something to open on the day.

My mum bought various seats for her car as we've needed them (in-laws didn't, but they are another kettle of fish entirely and it was more for our nieces anyway, we usually drive up to them so we have our own seats with us).

OohNoDooEy Mon 28-Nov-16 13:16:44

You can put this car seat onto one of their bases

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