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Guardianfix Pro 2 vs Recaro Monday IS

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mrsyeti Sun 06-Nov-16 07:59:42

Please help! I need to get my DD1 a new car seat, she's 2.5 and fairly tall for her age. Currently in a maxi cosi 2 way pearl but DD2 has now outgrown her pepple so we want her to go in to the pearl.

Main issue is most car seats are for up to age 4, so really want to buy something with some longevity such as the Recaro or Guardianfix and it must be isofix

Does anyone have any insight or recommendations on these 2? They both look fairly similar but am feeling out of my comfort zone as they're not maxi cosi's

Thank you

TiggeryBear Sun 06-Nov-16 20:53:34

We have the Recaro Monza IS (I presume that auto-correct has changed it but that's what you meant) for 8month old DD (very tall, very heavy & has outgrown her infant carrier - she is the same size as her 14month old cousin) we use it with the ISOFIX in my car & without (no ISOFIX in the car) in OH car. I've also used without ISOFIX in my parents car & with ISOFIX in, in laws car. It's very easy to use, Grandparents have all managed to strap DD in easily. It's very easy to transfer from car to car. I've also taken a friends 3 year-old DD in it & she was very comfy. Both DD & her cousin fall asleep happily in it & look reasonably comfy whilst asleep. I like that it will grow with DD & as she gets older will be able to listen to her own music / DVD through the integrated speakers in the headrest. I would definitely recommend it. OH & I did want an ERF but unfortunately none would fit in my car so that the car could still be driven. We are satisfied that we have made the right choice after doing a lot of research.

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