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Baby car seats - Clearance Tesco

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Dazzler21 Tue 13-Sep-16 11:38:13

Hi all

New here, we have a Nissan Juke (64 plate) and were wondering if anyone has had one of these:

It looks like a great cheap option and won't actually be needed til the beginning of February.

Could people help as I'm secretly a Dad to be and not a Mum!

We will be allowing our baby (boy or girl) to wear all colours, that's right my boy or girl can wear pink or blue.

Anyway I am looking for an ideal car seat and potentially also a buggy for the bubba when he/she is newborn.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi there,

We've noticed this thread is quite old and some of the links don't work any more. If you're looking for a good value car seat, why not take a look at our round up of best baby car seats for this year.

Hope that helps

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Boredomismyenemy Tue 13-Sep-16 11:45:15

My first advice would be to check out safety ratings of seats you are interested in. Then consider how long you wish to keep your offspring rear facing for, which is considered safer.
Check fitting compatibility with your car for any seats you are interested in.
And also babies should not be in car seats for prolonged periods so make sure any prams you look at have a lay flat option for newborns. Good luck!

moggle Tue 13-Sep-16 12:08:45

I agree with Boredom, do some research first, the car seat isn't something you want to buy on the spur of the moment because it is cheap. Also I know you don't need a lecture but you will buy loads and loads of items for your new baby and only a couple of them could potentially save their life - don't scrimp on those things, try and save money elsewhere!
Actually - having looked at the link - that isn't that cheap? You can get a maxi cosi cabriofix for £99.99. Not recommending that one particularly (though it is the one we have, and you see tons of them around) but it is an established brand.
Having said that, we got our cabriofix passed down from friends because their kids had grown out of it - we saved a good chunk of money and we knew it hadn't been in an accident. We put the money we saved towards her next car seat which was much more expensive but will last us until she's 6 or older (it is an extended rear facing seat - way safer than the forward facing ones).
Most of the group 0+ seats will fit in most cars because they are pretty small, however you should still check.
Maybe go somewhere like Mothercare or John Lewis for a first look at what options are out there. They are good for pushchairs too (then go online and see if you can get the same thing cheaper elsewhere!)

Dazzler21 Tue 13-Sep-16 12:10:23

Thanks for that.

The juke can accept Isofix, not sure what most of this means though in all honesty...

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Dazzler21 Tue 13-Sep-16 12:14:19

Thanks again guys, already getting some useful tips!

Looks like a lot of the 'cheaper' prices aren't actually cheaper.

What i'm looking for is a cost effective solution that is not at risk of reducing safety for the little one and does include a lay flat option.

Think paying a visit to a JL store etc could be ideal.

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moggle Tue 13-Sep-16 13:01:09

With the infant seats, to use the isofix option you need a car seat base. The base is what clicks into the isofix points (and then usually just stays there), and then the seat clicks in and out of the base. The base is often a further cost (often as much as the car seat!!). (Some car seats also have a belted base option, we had one with our Cabriofix, as we don't have isofix).
Your other option is to belt the car seat in and out each time. Belted is not less safe than isofix, but the fact you are effectively refitting the seat each time you put it in the car means there is more opportunity to make a mistake. It is also quite a hassle to do the belt every time. You aren't supposed to keep baby in the car seat for long periods of time, no more than half an hour when they are just newborn, but there are plenty of quick trips to the shops, or carrying baby from car to house, when it is useful to take the whole seat not just the baby. We did find our base very useful - again we got ours second hand so only about £20. If you're cautious about getting the seat second hand you might be happy with a second hand base.

(When your baby gets older you'll find that some of the older group car seats do click directly into the isofix points)

captaincake Tue 13-Sep-16 20:47:57

The most cost effective but still safe car seat solution would probably be the joie everystage - birth to not needing a car seat anymore about age 12 years and rear facing to 18kg for £180. But you wouldn't be able to clip it to a pram like a separate infant carrier if you wanted to do that.

paddypants13 Tue 13-Sep-16 21:08:46

We got a Graco travel system and bought a car seat base, which is fastened in with the seat belt. The base is sold separately but wasn't very expensive.

We them moved onto a Joie Stages, which rear faces until 4.

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