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Recommended Car seats

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user1457106342 Sun 05-Jun-16 21:29:02

My son is gradually out growing his baby car seat and I'm now having to think of the next one up however there is too much choice!!!!

Would love recommendations of car seats that everyone else has or had that is preferably up to 4yo or older and with isofix!


Salene Sun 05-Jun-16 21:31:33

Anything that is isafe rear facing

I use the maxi cozy 2 way pearl

It's rear facing till about 4 years old.

Luckystar1 Sun 05-Jun-16 21:32:19

Nuna Rebl. Great seat, extended rear facing, I-size. Rotates 360 degrees which is actually a lot handier than you might imagine!!

Salene Mon 06-Jun-16 08:35:21

Agree wth the rotation my rear facing dosent do that and it's a pain to get my 20 month old in to, had I know it is simerhimg I would have looked for when I bought one, that turned to be able to get them in to it easier.

So personally I'd buy a isafe rear facing that you can turn towards you to pop child in.

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