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Britax maxway, harness retainers ?

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curlyclaz13 Tue 05-Aug-14 13:34:55

We bought the maxway on Saturday and had it installed but forgot to ask how to actually use the harness retainers. I don't want to force the clips into the retainer and risk damaging them or the seat. How do the clips fit into the retainer ?

AliceMum09 Wed 06-Aug-14 00:24:20

Just had a quick look at a picture of the MaxWay, and the harness retainers look exactly the same as the ones on my Britax Multi Tech (I assume you mean the flexible plastic 'patches' on either side of the seat with a little hole in them?).

You just shove the pointy metal part of each side of the buckle into the hole of the retainer on the appropriate side of the seat. I've actually never used them, it's too much faf sorting the straps out and trying to get them into the retainers when you've got a child in your arms! I just loosen the harness a lot, so that there is enough length in the straps to dangle them over the sides of the seat. This is what I've always done with my Britax First Class seat, it's 8 years old so it doesn't have such new fanged things as harness retainers!

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