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Joie i-anchor

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Ijustworemytrenchcoat Wed 25-Jun-14 11:47:19

I was looking on another thread about this car seat but thought I'd start my own so as not to take over. To anybody who has this base and seat is it easy to fit via seatbelt in real life (I've watched videos and it seems easy but is it?).

We have a Britax Dualfix in our car but need a solution for my parents for when I go back to work. I need an ERF seat that can be fitted by Isofix for my mum's car and via seatbelt for my dad's. They will swap the seat over a lot and I am very wary of leaving them in charge of a seat which is complicated to fit via seatbelt and requires tethers etc. and thought the base looked very easy to use.

Also there's no stockists near me, is looking at the approved car list ok? I would prefer it fitted but my nearest place only has a limited selection.

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