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Any erf seats that fit behind driver's seat in a golf?

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TheWaterHorse Tue 11-Feb-14 11:46:49

We have dd1 in a Besafe izi combi X3 behind the passenger seat in our golf at the moment. It fits well, but the passenger seat is very far forward and we definitely could not move this seat behind the driver's seat.

DD2 will be outgrowing her cabriofix in a few months and will need to move into the Besafe so I am starting to think about what to put dd1 into next.

DD1 is three and a half but very small for her age and therefore it might be better to keep her rear-facing for a bit longer, but doubt we'd manage to fit a rear-facing car seat behind the driver's seat.

I just wondered if anyone else has managed this? Ideally the car seat would be one of the ones that goes up to 25kg (two-way elite maybe??) so as to hopefully last a couple of years and wouldn't be able to take up much more space than the cabriofix. Impossible?

crashbangboom Tue 11-Feb-14 22:30:18

TheWaterHorse Wed 12-Feb-14 22:26:24

Thanks, that looks promising.

rallytog1 Thu 13-Feb-14 16:03:58

I've got a 2-way elite in my golf. Fits well although the passenger seat needs to come forward a bit.

C1DUK Sat 23-Aug-14 22:06:45

Seats owned: 2x Recaro Polaric (I have twins)
Previous car: 2006 Passat (Couldn't get drivers seat far enough back)
My height: 5ft10 (The UK average male height)

New car: (Still not quite big enough) 2010 Mondeo

Looking at a replacement used car with only a modest budget of around £15k, (and not wanting silly running costs) a large 4x4 (Land Cruiser/Range Rover etc) or a limo type car (Audi A8/Merc S-Class etc) were out of the question, although I'd guess they'd offer enough room to get my seat comfortable.

Didn't really fancy the idea of a people carrier, although I tried a Ford S-Max, and with it having 3 individual rear seats, it worked with the baby seats installed in the rear middle and rear passenger side two, but doing this meant the rear view was totally obscured from the drivers seat, and I wasn't sure my wife would have found this acceptable.

After reading specs and reviews on 'normal' cars, with regard to rear space provided, my shortlist was a Skoda Superb or a Mondeo.

Not wanting another VAG vehicle, I tried the Mondeo, and found I could just about get away with it, although I still can't get my drivers seat far enough back or reclined as much as I'd like for total uncompromised comfort.

I really didn't want a Ford, (poor depreciation, and not brilliant build quality), but other choices of car (and I looked long and hard) were sadly not big enough to properly accommodate the two seats. I know this sounds ridiculous, but these ERF seats are absolutely huge, and as they install back-to-back with the front seats, this obviously seriously limits the position of the front seats. From my experience, I absolutely think most vehicles on the road today would struggle to realistically accommodate ERF baby seats with an average height driver.

The seat manufacturers fitting application lists only show which vehicles, and where such seats are placed in the vehicle, (i.e. rear behind driver/rear behind passenger/rear centre etc) are 'technically' possible, and seem to offer no regard for what an average height driver (or passenger for that matter), could still be comfortable when the seat is fitted.

Perhaps this is reason that the world hasn't really taken them up, despite the massive safety gains they provide. It didn't put me off, but I can see how people may be disuaded from buying an ERF seat if they have to change their car to accommodate one.

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