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11 month old slipping arm out of 5 point harness? (ERF in Cybex Sirona)

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Nightfall1983 Mon 05-Aug-13 17:32:39

DS is 11 months old and has been in his Cybex Sirona car seat since 5 months (was in a lie-flat sleeper before that). Usually all is well, however a couple of times when I go to get him out of the seat I've found that he has slipped one of his arms out of the straps. Now he is still young so he isn't trying to escape, just moving his arms around and sometimes he happens on a position where by he can get one out. Has anyone else experienced this?

Is it likely that I'm not doing the straps tight enough? I always try to do them as tight as possible but it is possible. Could the headrest (and there for the position of the shoulder straps) by at the wrong height? I've tried to get it so that his head is centred in the head rest, this means the shoulder straps are about an inch below his shoulders - is this right? Is it just one of those things, he's very skinny I don't know if that contributes - should I just get one of those Houdini type things?

InMySpareTime Mon 05-Aug-13 17:36:50

After you strap him in, put a cardigan on him backwards, doing the top button up behind his neck.

JellyTopicecreamisthebest Tue 06-Aug-13 03:22:26

check the instructions you may have the harness at the wrong heigh. instructions

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