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In what way is ERF safer, I don't understand the 5x safer claim...

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lagoonhaze Mon 17-Jun-13 20:16:08

Yep its pure physics. Once youve watched the videos it makes sense.

AliBingo Mon 17-Jun-13 12:56:05

Yeah that makes a lot of sense, thanks.

MortifiedAdams Mon 17-Jun-13 12:39:24

It sort of comes down to physics. If the car is travelling forward and the baby is travelling forward, and is shunted from behind, the car and carseat wilk be flung forward. The straps holding in the baby hold the LO at the chest but the head will keep travelking forward, relying on the neck being strong enough to keep it safe - I didnt think my dd was strong enough to face forward.

In short, we get whiplash in a small crash with very strong necks - they are much much more fragile.

AliBingo Mon 17-Jun-13 12:34:34

Thanks, I just did a bit of reading and you are right it does seem to be about strain on the neck, and "internal decapitation" and other delights. I also couldn't bring myself to watch the video.

BillyGoatintheBuff Mon 17-Jun-13 12:25:46

There are videos - I cant bring myself to watch - the crash test dummy type ones that show all about this. I believe that for a typical type of crash the rear facing seat is safer, mostly due to a small childs weak neck. I'm sure others are far more eloquent than I.

AliBingo Mon 17-Jun-13 12:22:27

DD is 10 months so we are starting to think about what car seat to buy next.

ERF is said to be 5x safer which sounds great but what exactly does it mean, does anyone know please? Is it certain types of crash, and safer as in less injuries/deaths or how is it measured?

Am feeling rather confused.

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