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Group 2 car seat

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patchesmcp Sat 09-Mar-13 15:06:10

DS is 2.1 and will be too big for his BeSafe Izi combi by the time he's 2.6 as he'll weigh 18kg by then (98th centile).

We do have a two way elite as well, which I am not as fond of so not keen to get another. In any event, I'm pregnant and due in a few months and due to car size we'll need to have 1 car in which DS is ff as there will not be enough room to have two kids both rf as DH is so tall and has his seat as far back as it goes. So, I'm looking for suggestions for a group 2 car seat and would appreciate any help people can give. Money isn't an issue (within reason!)

Thanks in advance smile

sneezecakesmum Sun 10-Mar-13 11:08:57

The britax evolve plus is a 123 seat so you can jiggle around a bit with both DCs able to use it depending on circumstances. It doesn't recline much though. Not sure i quite understand the configuration wrt your cars/car?

patchesmcp Sun 10-Mar-13 12:36:23

Thanks for that.

We have 2 cars, Besafe in one and Two way elite in other. Think initially, we'll only need to have two car seats in one car, and just one in the other, as I'll be on ML and DH works from home so we could use either car depending on how many kids we have with us at the time.

When I go back to work, we'll need two seats in both cars for us both to be able to do nursery runs, but if DC2 is anything like DS was, they'll be out of the infant carrier by then and into the BeSafe and/or the two way elite.

Does that make sense?

patchesmcp Sun 10-Mar-13 12:41:44

Don't know if this is a stupid question, but are group 1,2,3 seats as good as group 2,3 seats? Just wondering if something that covers more "uses" can do them as well as something that is more specific?

I haven't put that very well, but hopefully you understand what I mean!


TruthSweet Mon 11-Mar-13 14:10:37

If your son will be over 18kg by 2.6y, then a TWE is about your only option (it ff as well as rf to 25kg) otherwise he'll have to be in a high back booster which just isn't safe for a 2y regardless of their weight.

With a harnessed seat the parent controls how safe the child is, but with a HBB you are relying on the child staying still in their seat for the whole journey - so no leaning over to poke baby, no reaching dropped toys, no peering out the back window at tractors, no fiddling with the buckle.... - they have to sit still and be responsible for their own safety so they need to understand why they are sitting still. I don't know any 2y that could do that for 3 mins let alone 30 mins wink

patchesmcp Mon 11-Mar-13 17:32:38

I was worried that may be the case. The side impact protection just doesn't seem great on the TWE but I appreciate what you are saying re expecting a 2 and a half year old to behave.

I've looked at his yellow book and he hasn't actually been weighed since he was 13 months, but he was actually above the 99.6th centile then and had been following it for ages. I will try and weigh him. May be I'll get lucky and he's dropped to the 98th centile, in which case he'll last in the Besafe till he's just short of 3 years and go ff in the TWE when we all go out together.

The option of buying 2 more TWE's isn't appealing (we'll need something for the grandparent's car as well because their Maxi Cosi only goes up to 18kg as well).

Thanks for your help. Any other suggestions would be appreciated smile

MrsAmaretto Sat 30-Mar-13 16:32:17

Hi patches, Did you get any where with this? My son is 2yr 8months & is just over 18kg & 102cm 98th centile. I'm totally confused about buying the next stage of car seat!

I have a Erf Besafe IZi isofix and chose it over a TWE for many reasons. My son has had a go in his cousin's maxi cosi rodifix group 2 and sat very well in it, but I really don't know what to do and need a new car seat ASAP.

I think I may have to phone my local road safety officer for advice!

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