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9m-11 yrs car seat for under £100

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CravingSunshine Mon 10-Sep-12 14:27:45

Dipping my toe into the world of toddler+ carseats and it's hard to find what I'm after. We do some very long journeys so I want a seat that will recline or at least allow for a good sleep without too much slumping. DS1 is nearly 2.
I was wondering about the Cosatto Zooomi 123 which seems good value. Anyone had any good experiences under £100?

IwanttoflyonA380 Mon 10-Sep-12 17:00:47

I wouldn't buy that one. Older children are better in high back boosters. So if you want a 123 seat to save money that might be one compromise to far. That one doesn't recline. If you do want a 123 I would either get the britax one or save up for one of the ones with a impact cushion. Kiddy, jane,concord and mamas and papas all do them. They will last your child. What is he in now. You really do nee to check it fits in your car

CravingSunshine Mon 10-Sep-12 19:22:13

Is it better to buy a 9m-4 yrs seat then? To be honest this is the first I've thought about the matter. He's currently in a Britax-18kg seat which we are giving to his baby sister.
What is the 123 about?

IwanttoflyonA380 Mon 10-Sep-12 20:03:32

Its the group 123 which is from about 1year until 12. If you need a really good recline I would get a group 1 seat. Then get high back boosters at a later date. I would look at the height of the back of the group one seat to get the one that will last the longest. As it a height and weight thing.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Sat 15-Sep-12 15:44:13

I have the britax 123 for my dd who is just turning 1. It has a slight recline so when she does fall asleep, she isn't slumping forward. It's very padded and she looks very secure in it. Also had the bonus of lasting her right through as it converts to a high back booster

CravingSunshine Mon 17-Sep-12 19:56:44

Thanks MummyDuck it is pricey but I suppose you're combining the whole 4-11 age into it.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Mon 17-Sep-12 22:11:11

That's a bad link! I just clicked to check!!

try again, under £100

No idea why that first one was so much blush

CravingSunshine Sat 22-Sep-12 21:36:43

Thanks, we got that Britax one mummyduck. Via quidco! Some of the colours seem to be more expensive.

peanutMD Mon 24-Sep-12 10:14:44

I'm sure you already know this but after speaking to Britax about this seat and the 5 year expiry date we were told that the seats are not supposed to last from 9m until 11 years, this is purely to specify the age range it can be used for but the expiry will still apply.

Its the same with all companies apparently.

Dawny56 Fri 05-Oct-12 13:16:44

I have this one from Online4Baby and very pleased with it. It's the 123 group so will last you a bit longer and reclines so no slumping smile The price and express delivery (which was free) were an added bonus smile

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