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What seat would you get for grandparent's car? Rearfacing?

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yok2t Fri 23-Sep-11 21:31:22

We go to see DD's grandparents about 4 times a year, they are in Germany. I think she will have outgrown her group 0-1 seat next time we go so I am looking for the next seat. We don't have a car ourselves over here so I don't have a clue!
Would you get a rearfacing seat? Ideally I would like one but given that it won't be used that much is it worth it? They are not that easy to get in Germany but I think the Besafe Izi combi is available.
When over there we use grandparent's or great grandparent's car, both have a vauxhall meriva. How hard is the besafe seat to install or move between cars?
Any other seat, rear or forwards facing, you would recommend?
All advice greatly appreciated!

nicm Fri 23-Sep-11 22:33:14

hi, i would get recommend a britax two way elite. it is light and lasts to 25kgs. it's light and easy to install but you would need to find out if it fits in the car. i've had mine in a friend's zafira and it was fine.


nicm Fri 23-Sep-11 22:34:26

mmm, ignore the get! blush i'm tired and should really preview!


BertieBotts Fri 23-Sep-11 22:42:12

How about a Kiddy seat? They are really easy to move between cars and very intuitive to fit as well. (Fussy grandparent "Oh, these new carseats are so complicated and you were fine without one"-proof, if such things are an issue.)

They ought to be easy to find in Germany, being a German brand. Here they are anything from £120 - £200 ish depending on which model you get, the cheapest ones are similar in price to other big brands such as Maxi Cosi or Britax, though there aren't many shops which stock them.

It's not as safe as rearfacing in a frontal crash, but reduces stress on the spine and neck compared to a traditional 5-point harness. The side impact protection is good too. There are various videos online, the better ones probably are in German if you speak it, but a couple in English, which explain how it works.

I'd get the one which converts to a HBB if you have a tall child. Other than that the normal one is great.

yok2t Sat 24-Sep-11 09:51:01

The 2 way elite looks great, I just watched a video on youtube. Even I could install that.They don't seem to sell them in Germany though, hopefully I can find a place that ships there, I don't fancy taking it on the plane.
Kiddy are good too, she has a kiddy group 0-1 at the moment. I think that will be plan B if I can't get the other one.
Thank you!

nicm Sat 24-Sep-11 16:01:15

You could try the in car safety centre and see if they wil ship it for you. When I was buying my last seats they had someone on looking seats shipped to spain! Either that or you can order from I think they ship worldwide.


JuneMummy Sun 25-Sep-11 21:04:37

i second the two way elite. fab seat!

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