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How does the primo vioaggio (mamas and papas) work when fitted with seatbelt?

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yellowflowers Wed 08-Dec-10 13:18:57


A friend gave me this (has def not been in accident) but it has no instructions. I know the base comes off and gets (permanently?) fitted to the back seat with the seatbelt, and presumably the seatbelt also goes over the main carseat - but anyone able to give me a quick lesson using words only on how to do this. Is only bit of prep we've not done and am starting to panic about it.

thank you

Guacamohohohole Wed 08-Dec-10 13:22:26

You can download the instructions from the mamas and papas website... I'll have a look for you, if they're not on the website I'll dig out the instructions for you, I don't know off hand because we use ours with an isofix base.
Just a warning it weighs a tonne, even without a baby in it!

Guacamohohohole Wed 08-Dec-10 13:27:27

Here you go!

Guacamohohohole Wed 08-Dec-10 13:30:06

Oh and by the way, I'm pretty sure the base doesn't come off and get fitted permanently with the seatbelt, you have to seatbelt the seat in every time. Unless you have an isofix base, and that doesn't use the seatbelt but you obviously need isofix in your car.

lizziemun Wed 08-Dec-10 13:41:44

The seat belt bit that goes over your lap fits under the slots and the bit that goes over your shoulder goes around the back of the seat and is fixed in the slot at the back of the chair. The car seat handle is then put in the half way position.

lizziemun Wed 08-Dec-10 13:46:40

Yes the base can be left in the car.

You have to have the handle in the carry position and there is a lever at the back you pull to release the sit from base. It wont work if handle not in right position.

Housemum Wed 08-Dec-10 13:48:33

The base unit goes on the seat with the lap part of the seatbelt - what I would do is to click that in then hook the diagonal (the bit that would go across your chest if you were on the seat) round the headrest so it's easy to put the baby seat in.

The baby seat just clicks into place on the base unit - then you must move the handle forward as far as it goes - it effectively braces the baby seat agains the car seatback.

Lastly take the seatbelt and loop it round the back of the baby seat - there is a guide to slip it into. Give it a tug to secure it.

yellowflowers Wed 08-Dec-10 14:17:26

Thank you so much - this is so incredibly helpful. Really really appreciate it. This is my task for the afternoon (can currently only manage one a day!)

It is heavy isn't it - I am planning to leave it in the car and just lift the baby in and out when we reach destination - am sure little babies just go back to sleep if they wake up don;t they (she says, optimistically...)

Thanks again

yellowflowers Wed 08-Dec-10 14:18:11

also thanks guacamohohohole - I looked for that and couldn't find it but brain really is not working at moment.

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