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AGH! made a boo boo

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rusmum Sat 13-Nov-10 10:57:03

just bought an isofix seat (HONDA) for my car. However now realise not all isofix seats fit all cars (i thought they did!)>

Does a honda seat only fit a honda then? I have a pegeot 1007

bran Sat 13-Nov-10 10:59:03

Have you tried it and it doesn't fit? All isofix seats should fit all isofix fittings as far as I know.

RealityBomb Sat 13-Nov-10 11:00:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

castleonthehill Sat 13-Nov-10 11:33:39

most car branded seat are actuarial britax as they use britax seat in the ncap safety test had a look on honda website and they are britax so if you look at the britax fit finder you will see weather the seat fits from my quick look both the seat should fit.

was it cheaper to buy a honda one

rusmum Sat 13-Nov-10 13:41:49

it was the one i won on e bay! thought it was just branding! oops not come yet so dont know if it fits.

won it for 30 so not bad.

bran Sat 13-Nov-10 15:18:00

Ummm. I don't think that I would be completely happy using a car seat from ebay as there's no knowing what its history is.

RealityBomb Sat 13-Nov-10 15:24:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mousesma Sat 13-Nov-10 15:35:51

Agree with RealityBomb you can't use a second hand carseat unless you are 100% confident of it's history. i.e. carseat from friend or family where you are sure it hasn't been in a crash is ok, carseat from ebay etc. not ok.

rusmum Sat 13-Nov-10 17:23:09

cheers will have to try and sell it on and keep one i have then x

Chandos Tue 16-Nov-10 22:04:46

Sell it on ??? Surely that makes a 3rd hand seat. Throw it out !!

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