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First time camper

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mumsfrazzled Tue 14-Jul-09 22:39:33


My son (5) has been badgering me for a little while now that he would like to go camping, so I have bitten the bullet and decided to give it a go.

However I really dont have a clue about where to start. Would just like to go away for 2 nights only in the summer Holiday July or August. I am looking at campsites in the Dorset area around Bournemouth, Poole or Swanage. Does anyone have any recomendations.

So how does it work I have checked a couple of campsites and some are already booked up for July and August. What is the best time to turn up to the campsites if you just turn up and arrive.

If there are any other tips that anyone could provide that would be great.

Any advice gratefully appreciated

sundew Tue 14-Jul-09 22:45:21

Hi - I like to book a campsite - I always dread the thought of driving round with a tearful child desperatley looking for somewhere to stay.

If you've not been before somewhere close to home is maybe a good idea so if it all goes pearshaped you can pop home.

Advice I can offer is get a decent blow up airbed for you and your ds - it all seems better after a good nights sleep. You don't need to take everything in your house - you won't get changed so don't take loads of clothes! and plan on quick one pot meals - nothing worse than trying to cook something 'nice' if it is raining.

Have fun - we love it - despite the British weather!

CaramelisedOnions Tue 14-Jul-09 22:56:37

I would try and go sooner rather than later in August as I find the nights get a bit cold into August.

Also agree on travelling light, as long as you have something really comfy to sleep on you can manage without electricity, fancy kitchen 'furniture' and other gizmos. We just bought some wind up torches which seems really good.

MaryLaMereDuFromage Tue 14-Jul-09 23:00:13

Personally I wouldn't set off unless i had somewhere booked. Too much of a risk at this time of year and especially as your first time.

We liked East Fleet near Weymouth.

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