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Camping in France - is it really this expensive?

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mightyevs Mon 15-Jun-09 22:17:49

My dh and I are hoping to take our ds (2 yr old) to France camping this August. Someone mentioned looking at Eurocamps so I priced it up and it was going to cost around £1200 to £1400 for a week! Are we really looking to pay that sort of money for a camping trip or are there cheaper alternatives out there? This will be our first camping holiday so if anyone can recommend any campsitesI'd be very grateful!

MaryBS Tue 16-Jun-09 08:14:33

Do you have to go in school holidays? That is what you are paying for. I would hope you COULD get it cheaper than that....

daisybaby Tue 16-Jun-09 08:32:19

Have you looked at renting a gite for a week?

pesme Tue 16-Jun-09 08:35:13

take your own tent - it is a whole lot cheaper.

it does seem expensive esp compared to renting a gite. but if you are on a great eurocamp site youget the swimming pool, beach, play areas. possibly not so worth it with a 2 year old but definitely worth it when they are a bit older.

HaventSleptForAYear Tue 16-Jun-09 08:38:11

Eurocamp etc ARE expensive but some people prefer them because of the kids clubs (in English) and being able to meet other English families.

Also they are more flexible, you can book 10 nights for example.

You can book direct with most French sites for cheaper, but usually it's Saturday to Saturday in July and August and the kids clubs (if there are any) will be in French.

ARe you looking at actually camping or renting a mobile home?

If it's a mobile home your pricing is probably right.

As someone said, you are paying for the facilities on site.

Surfermum Tue 16-Jun-09 09:30:58

Try Matthews holidays, they're cheaper. Are you tied to going in August because of annual leave or something? If not what about the first week of September - prices go down then as the schools have gone back.

amazonianwoman Tue 16-Jun-09 09:59:45

Our Eurocamp holiday in Brittany - taking own tent - is costing £1100 for 2 adults, DD 5 and DS 2 for 11 nights and overnight ferry, 1st 2 weeks of school holidays. I think we got a 5% discount when we booked.

Except it looks like we'll have to cancel it, but that's another story...

amazonianwoman Tue 16-Jun-09 10:00:09

Forgot to say, site is Raguenes Plages

cremolafoam Tue 16-Jun-09 10:13:48

that sounds wildly expensive to me.
If you are taking a car then it will be worth it to buy a tent and the gubbins that goes with it.( reusable for years)There are plenty of offers available atm for camping packs which include sleeping bags etc in the price. There are lots of good campsites recommended on this site( reviews)
in France. Go for a 4* site to get lots of facilites.Personally can recommend{\here}

pesme Tue 16-Jun-09 10:13:49

that is a fantastic campsite! why cancel?

janinlondon Tue 16-Jun-09 10:25:59

We have only one child, and while the French mobile home holiday looks cheap to people with three or four kids, it isn't a bargain when there is only one child - esp in summer hols. The value comes when there are multiple kids I think.

FlorenceAndtheWashingMachine Tue 16-Jun-09 10:50:08

Vacans Soleil are far cheaper. They are Dutch company but ABTA etc and you can book through English web site in sterling. We found the staff very professional when we went to Italy with them and they all spoke wonderful English.

I just had a quick look at that area of Brittany and Vacans Soleil have 12 nights from 16th August in a mobile home for £994 including ferry.

Here's the link: Vacans Soleil

I hope that you get somewhere lovely. I have lovely memories of a trip to Britany when my eldest was tiny. It was perfect for that age.

amazonianwoman Tue 16-Jun-09 11:38:57

That's a good deal Florence.

Pesme - it does look fab. Only cancelling cos DH can't get the time off work now, he's a consultant, they need him, he doesn't get paid if he doesn't work! So off to North Wales for some weekend breaks instead smile

pesme Tue 16-Jun-09 11:40:03

go on your own!

that is such a shame.

amazonianwoman Tue 16-Jun-09 11:45:06

Couldn't face the car journey with DD and DS scrapping all the way, then spending 11 days running after DS who is in permanent escape mode hmm

I'm happy with Anglesey grin

Coalman Tue 16-Jun-09 11:56:17

Matthews holidays are cheaper if your first day is before 15th July.

Canvas prices are cheaper if your first day is after 15th August.

Agree with others that it's better value for money if you have lots of children.

We have used VacanSoleil before and found them good.

FlorenceAndtheWashingMachine Tue 16-Jun-09 11:57:17

Have a lovely time. Keeping it simple is a good idea with a two-year-old and the weather might suit DD better.

mightyevs Wed 17-Jun-09 08:55:08

Thank you all for your advice, we are tied to August unfortunately as it's the only time my dh can get off work. It will be the first time we've ever tried to book a holiday peak season. I'll have a look at the links you've posted and hopefully find a nice, cheaper alternative!

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