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fire pits?

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bea Sun 07-Jun-09 12:44:53

what do you use?


bea Sun 07-Jun-09 16:44:08

tentipi firebox

have any of you got one of these?

melrose Mon 08-Jun-09 15:54:02

Got one of these which use as a barbecue and then for fire.
Discovered some very good smokeless log things that they sell in garage forecourts, Just light the packeta nd burnms for a couple of hours giving off nice amount of heat but no smoke.

bea Mon 08-Jun-09 17:24:05

hmmm melrose... i have actually been looking at those and wondering! how long have you had it... ? does it really fold as flat as that!?

mummydoc Mon 08-Jun-09 17:30:23

we have made one from up turned metal dustbin lid balanced on bricks - completely free ( as already had bin) after fire finished and ashes cooled we empty it and return to bin !!! , we have one every sat evening for dds to toast marsh mallows over in the garden

hettie Mon 08-Jun-09 20:20:28

well is you wanted the ultimate pack light all options jobbo then look no further than

bea Mon 08-Jun-09 21:11:53

i actually went to sainsburys today and bought a Bucket BBQ for £6.99

i'll let it sit in its box for a while and see how i feel about it... who knew that camping could be soooo stressful! My thoughts are that we can have it as a little bbq and then chuck wood in it to sit round in the evening!

mummydoc Wed 10-Jun-09 09:49:26

bea that is exactly what we did 2 weeks ago - it worked nicely, large enough to cook supper for us 4 and then added a bit of wood and toasted marshamllows on it

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