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How much does it cost to camp for a beginner?

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SweetCheeksLovesSweetTalk Tue 17-Feb-09 13:31:48

We cant afford a holiday this year but really need one.

How much are the inital costs of camping and what equpiment is essential .. apart from a tent grin

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 17-Feb-09 13:36:08

Sleeping bags
Some kind of foam mattress/air bed
Basic camping stove

Other than that you just take stuff you have already.

You may be able to borrow stuff - if you ask around you might manage without buying anything at all!

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 17-Feb-09 13:37:31

Argos do some very cheap stuff

SweetCheeksLovesSweetTalk Tue 17-Feb-09 13:37:46

What sort of tents should I be looking at? Can you buy them on ebay?

PeachyHasABrokenKeyboardSorry Tue 17-Feb-09 13:38:36

Ebay is fab too- familiarise yourselfwith the popular tents on the UKcampsite website (fab for all elated things) then go ebay-ing

last years stock stillon sale atmin many places also.....

first year we got a cheapo Argostent, borrowed chairs and a single stove (worked for five of us fione)and took readybeds /airbeds for us.very possibly best trip we've hd

Oh and cheapsites- look at caravan and camping club and forest holidays

SweetCheeksLovesSweetTalk Tue 17-Feb-09 13:38:38

And 15 month old dd will be with us

PeachyHasABrokenKeyboardSorry Tue 17-Feb-09 13:38:57

X posts LOL

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 17-Feb-09 13:39:02

Depends how long you're going for and when. Yes I think you can get tents on Ebay.

oregonianabroad Tue 17-Feb-09 13:48:46

Good idea SweetCheeks, hope you have a good time.

Saw a really good book the other day, here is the website but the books are also available at amazon.

PeachyHasABrokenKeyboardSorry Tue 17-Feb-09 13:49:42

Haynes do a really rather good basic introductory guide tocamping also- worth getting hold of (like the car manuals for for campers)

covers tents etc

SweetCheeksLovesSweetTalk Tue 17-Feb-09 13:56:22

Fab! Thanks everyone smile

DivamakesKimchi Tue 17-Feb-09 14:10:07

we loved camping but we bought now caravan, and hoping to sell our camping gear in the spring as we hope many people will do camping having recession etc...
we had trailer that carried everything, unless you have huge car, but having two kids you need loads to takeblush
we loved comfort camping, had everything possible to make camping enjoyable,im not talking about tvs radios. i was proud of my kicthen gear,too
i would recommend to go and see good camping shops, rather than arogs as some stuff can be not good quality as you will ended up buying again.
good lcuk.

mumshadenough Wed 18-Feb-09 17:25:18

First time we went we borrowed a tent (cheap halfords jobby) borrowed air beds, took duvets, camp chairs and cool box that we already had, borrowed cooker and that was it..

Had a FAB tme.....Wouldnt have cost much over 200 quid to buy all new if you look around!

Also if you can go to smaller campsites the costs would be really low because you wont have a big tent or electric hook up.

Then you can upgrade stuff as you get the money for it....So much fun!!


mumshadenough Wed 18-Feb-09 17:40:44

This tent looks like a good starter deal.

nannyL Wed 18-Feb-09 18:22:39

IMO to be happpy you need to be warm, and for most people that requires more than an airbed and a sleeping bag!

i would out a picnic blanket UNDER the air bed £4 in morrisons or u might have an old balnket anyway + a foam roll (again <£3 tesco)

a have a fleece throw as a sheet (you might one ir ikea sell them for £2ish, as do asda, then a sleeping bag and i like a duvet on top as well.

these bits are cheap and u probably already have them but thought id mention it as its no fun at all being cold at night!

other than that u need a thing to cook on+ pans
a few lights / torchesn (ideally one that can wind up)

you can get asda smartprice plastic plates / knifes and forks etc which will 'do'!
head torches are useful especially in loos at night, (i got mine in aldi for £4)

serin Wed 18-Feb-09 20:49:38

We really slum it when we go camping.

In addition to tent we take;
Foam rolls,
Duvets (off our beds!!)
Two tiny primus stoves that were £8 each in Asda,
A coolbox and some ice packs,
A big plastic box with a lid to keep cereal/bread in,
Washing up bowl and detergent,
Cutlery and crockery from our kitchen (nothing broken so far!),
Frying pan, and medium sized pan,
Wine, books, football, pens and paper.

Sleepingbags, pah!

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 19-Feb-09 08:54:00

We always forget our washing up bowl. Every flipping time.

ShauntheSheep Thu 19-Feb-09 09:18:51

Make sure your tent has as a MINIMUM 2000 Hydrostatic head (waterproofness). Many of teh 'bargain' tents on Ebay are not designed for the british weather. You need to be warm and you cant be warm if you are wet.

Also agree that you dont need sleeping bags if you are going by car. I think many of the cheaper sleeping bags are rubbish anyway and you are as well off with duvets (Just make sure to bring lots of them). My tip si bring twice s much as you think you will need and also remember One blanket under you is worth two over you as the chill comes up from the ground.

Final tip bring lots of wine (in boxes as they dont spill) and pack it close to hand. tents are soooooo much easier to put up if you know you can have a drink straight after (or even while doing it)

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 19-Feb-09 10:48:17

Well, either that or just decide you will go home if the weather's crap.

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